RECRUITING: E.J. Biggers heeds Zook's advice

EJ Biggers has been a captain at North Miami Beach High School since his sophomore season. As he prepares for his final season as the Chargers signal caller, Biggers will heed the advice that Florida Coach Ron Zook gave to him this past spring.

"He told me that it's my senior year and he said not to let the hype of coaches coming to see you get in your head and get to you. Go out and play spring ball and get ready for your season next year. All of the talk is nothing if you don't prepare, play well, and win games."

Athletic and savvy, E.J. Biggers is being recruited by the likes of Florida, Iowa, and Michigan State as a corner prospect. As excited as he is to hear from those schools, he is weighing them carefully with the possibility of playing quarterback on a smaller D-one campus.

Captains have tough decisions to make...and Biggers understands that his senior season will indeed play a major role in determining which side of the ball is best for him and his future.

Mark McLeod: What has been your summer workout focus?

E. J. Biggers: "To get stronger and faster and to get my arm strength stronger. I'm just trying to faster to increase my speed. Right now I'm running a 4.6."

Mark McLeod: How have you patterned your summer training routine...high school coaches, personal trainer, camps, or advice from college player?

E. J. Biggers: "We practice every morning Monday through Saturday from 7:30 to 11:30 or 12. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we lift and on Tuesday and Thursday we do skels and perimeter and ball drills with my teammates. It's going real good. We're hoping to win that first round game in the playoffs this year. It's never been done at our school before."

Mark McLeod: What have you improved on the most this summer?

E. J. Biggers: "I think my speed. My coaches they time us every time we run and they tell me that I'm getting better"

Mark McLeod: Which camps will you be attending from this point on?

E. J. Biggers: "I don't know if I'm going to attend any camps. I might attend the University of South Florida camp on the 17th of July. That'll probably be the only camp this year. North Carolina State invited me too, but since this is my senior year, I just want to work with my teammates to get better. We have a young team this year and if we can play together, we can finally make the playoffs. I'm not really worried about the camps. I just want to work with my team. I was invited to the University of Florida and Michigan State too. Everybody is going to be there (at the high school). Nobody is going to any camps. We all said that we're going to keep the team together and push to get better."

Mark McLeod: Which teams are recruiting you the hardest?

E. J. Biggers: "Iowa, Florida, Michigan State, and Bowling Green. I'm drawing interest from other schools too. I have two shoe boxes full of letters"

Mark McLeod: Have you determined your visit list?

E. J. Biggers: " The only visit that I know for sure is Florida, because they already want me on an official visit. They wrote me. That's the only one that I know I'm going to visit for sure. I don't know about the others yet"

Mark McLeod: Is everybody recruiting you as a corner or are some recruiting you as a quarterback/athlete?

E. J. Biggers: "USF, Michigan State, and Florida are recruiting me as a corner. Bowling Green and Iowa are recruiting me as a quarterback. Miami said that they'll be recruiting me as a corner. Their defensive coordinator called me during the spring, and they came to my school. The3y talked to me. They told me they're not worrying about me as a quarterback, they want me to defensive back, safety."

Mark McLeod: Is there a school that you have looked at as a favorite?

E. J. Biggers: "Not really yet. I'll do that later"

Mark McLeod: Of all of the coaches recruiting you, who has been the most impressive and why?

E. J. Biggers: "Bowling Green and Iowa. They called from the start telling me they wanted me to play quarterback.. They were straight up and told me that they wanted me as a quarterback. Some schools will tell you one thing and when you get there, then put you somewhere else. I think the University of Florida. Zook came to my school. He told me that it's my senior year and he said not to let the hype of coaches coming to see you get in your head and get to you. Go out and play spring ball and get ready for your season next year. All of the talk is nothing if you don't prepare, play well, and win games. Just keep my head on straight."

Mark McLeod: Who else has made a strong impression on you?

E. J. Biggers: "The Iowa coaches. They came down to my school and was telling me the way you play in games will determine how big of a school you go to. That made an impression on me"

Mark McLeod: What will be that one thing that does it for you when it comes time to determine which college is best for you?

E. J. Biggers: "What my parents and coaches think. Where they think is best for me is where I'll go. We'll meet as a group, and where they think, and where I think, will help make the decision"

Mark McLeod: Are you an athlete looking for a school to help improve your game while getting an education or do you consider yourself a student trying to get an education, while trying to go to a school that can help me athletically?

E. J. Biggers: "I'm an Athlete trying to go to school to get smarter, get my degree, and make it to the next level"

Mark McLeod: What will you major in?

E. J. Biggers: "Haven't decided that. It will weigh heavy in my decision, but not too heavy"

Mark McLeod: If you had to arrange three criteria...depth chart, education, and coaching level of importance to you, what would they be?

E. J. Biggers: "Education will always be first because if I get hurt tomorrow, I'll always have my degree. Then depth chart will be second. How much time I'll get to play my freshman year will actually be third. But, I want to see the depth chart. If there are too many players on the depth chart then you get stuck going to that school"

Mark McLeod: What games do you most want to witness on your recruiting visits?

E. J. Biggers: "I'd like to see Florida and Florida State play, that will be a big game. Well, I don't really know too much about who Bowling Green plays, but since Bowling Green is in the MAC. I'd like to see them play Northern Illinois. The best receiver we had plays for Northern Illinois. He made me a better quarterback, so I'd like to see him play and do well."

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