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You name it, we talked about it! An hour long chat session with over 80+ Gator Country members and TheInsiders' Scott Kennedy. <b>If you're a Florida fan, or even a recruiting fan in General, you'll find more information in this transcript than you will surfing 10 hours of updates...</b> Don't Miss It!

(If we posted the entire chat transcript from over a two hour period it would run hundreds of pages, so we've selected the best for you... Next time be sure to join us in chat!)

Scott Kennedy: Louis Murphy was a BIG Wide Receiver at camp that caught my eye. He caught Florida's eye too, because he got offered today.
xxEHxx: Murphy looked real good at the FSU camp on Monday, so UF coaches probably realized time was essential

trev311: is this Jonathan Garner kid any good?
Scott Kennedy: I like Garner a lot. I was just going through my notes, and I forgot that I had commented on what great feet he had. He breezed through the ladder drills...
trev311: do you think hell move up from 3 stars?
Scott Kennedy: I wouldn't push him above 3, that means someone else has to move down. He's a good solid three

Busgator: How do you feel about Neefy Moffett and Spencer Adkins
Scott Kennedy: bus, I don't know too much about those two, but how do you discount Florida on anyone right now?

Willygator: Has Zook changed tactics?  He liked to keep commits quiet in the past....
Scott Kennedy: I don't know if it's different or not. Seems to work in the past, seems to be working in the present. I think this approaches the Chris Leak Commitment as far as momentum goes.
Seven7: That's saying a lot , Scott
Scott Kennedy: I know... but it's true... there is more time for these kids to work their peers

gatoriniowa: Where do you see Justin Mincey going and what are your thoughts on him?
Scott Kennedy: Mincey told me straight up that Florida had a slight lead... I'll believe that one when it happens though... there is just so much Georgia history in Charlton County.
xxEHxx: Is Mincey tight with any other recruits yet?
 Scott Kennedy: I didn't see him chumming around with too many guys... he's a small town kid in a small classification school. Not like an Atlanta kid that has grown up with all of the same players for years, and knows everyone at every school.

Seven7: Scott, do you think Gerald WIlliams can play LB in college?
Scott Kennedy: Gerald Williams may actually get a shot to play OLB; I just don't see it. But if you say DE to Williams, he crinkles up his nose. He's going to have to be recruited as an OLB
xxEHxx: I don't think anyone thinks Williams will play LB except the UF staff

turn1200: How do the LB's in GA look this year?
Scott Kennedy: the linebacking class in Georgia is pretty sick this year
turn1200: any crowder type sleepers / non sleepers
Scott Kennedy: hard for me to call them sleepers if I know about them in July, but I'm sure more will emerge.

jpgator57: Scott, do you anticipate any more verbal commits? or will things quiet down again?
Scott Kennedy: I think Carlos Thomas is still leaning heavily to Florida, but I don't know when he'll be ready to go public with that

ScubaGatorEI: impressive would you say about Vladimir Richard
Scott Kennedy: he is impressive looking, moves pretty well... He should be a high 3 at DT

trev311: what positions do you see williams and richard playing at UF?
Scott Kennedy: Williams DE Vlad DT, no doubt about it...

GatorinOhio: Scott, do you think Thomas and his friend (Ramon McElratheby) are a solid package deal?
Scott Kennedy: I don't think so... Package deals always sound good in the summer... if I had to guess now I would say Thomas to Florida and Ray to Georgia Tech

TJtheGator: Scott, please tell us more about Jon Garner. What's your take on UF vs Stanford here?
Scott Kennedy: Stanford is tough to beat when they get their hooks into a recruit, but Garner is going to be a Gator from what I hear. I liked him a lot when I was scouting Xavier Lee from the Mainland/Seabreeze game good feet, average arm, good accuracy, good head on his shoulders.

jpgator57: Scott, were you surprised by these early commits?
Scott Kennedy: absolutely surprised
trev311: why?
Scott Kennedy: you're surprised by things that you haven't seen before... I've never seen a day like this in July

jpgator57: Scott, does this work in UF's favor for rest of year??
Scott Kennedy: absolutely... it's big momentum

gatoriniowa: Scott, who is the better RB, Maurice Wells or Antone Smith?
Scott Kennedy: I'd take Antone first. That would be an easy decision.
rajinGator: IMO, Wells can hang with Smith
Scott Kennedy: he can hang with him, and I'd love to have either, but if I'm drafting players, not recruiting them, I'd pick Antone first.

jpgator57: Scott this should invigorate the team even more so this fall
Scott Kennedy: I'm not sure how much current players care about recruiting during the season

jpgator57: Scott, in your opinion, what makes the zooker so effective?
Scott Kennedy: He works hard... it's impressive to recruits when the head coach is recruiting you
rajinGator: Love what I hear about Disch as a recruiter
Scott Kennedy: I think Mike Loxley was a great hire as well

SeabreezeInsider: Scott I am hearing A Atkins is the second best athelte/player on Mainland.  What can you tell me about Vince Wilsons little brother .  Dont know first name but is a JR.
Scott Kennedy: I don't know anything about another Wilson yet... Vince was good, but Avery was the star of that team last year... by far

gatoriniowa: Scott, is there anything new on that top JUCO WR that you were raving about a couple of months ago?
Scott Kennedy: Julius McClellan. I want to check in with him. It's tough to track junior college kids in the summer.

xxEHxx: UGA going to offer Jarvis Kyles?
Scott Kennedy I don't think so. I would be surprised if he got an unconditional offer from FLorida too

trev311: how good is O.J. Murdock?
Scott Kennedy: OJ is real good. I like bigger receivers, but he would be heck in the slot, and he has the speed to play out wide and stretch the defense too. Good hands.

jpgator57: Scott, how would most campers rate this weekend to other camps they attended?
Scott Kennedy: Most kids are gushing after any camp they go to... it makes for good interviews, but you don't usually find out anything new. except for this weekend.. jeesh no one gets four commitments of that caliber in July to go public.

xxEHxx: Scott, any feeling for Gabe Mckenzie?
Scott Kennedy: Watch LSU. that's Bayou country now... Auburn typically recruits very well down there too. Florida was very focused on him at the camp.

turn1200: the awesome RB committed to Tennessee (Lamarcus Coker) - any chance he comes to Florida?
Scott Kennedy: he's going to look around, but I think he sticks with Tennessee...

GatorinOhio: Hey Scott, what do you think about Justin Mincey? DT or DE and do you think Florida can get him away from UGA?
Scott Kennedy: Mincey... DE or DT, I don't know... I'm not a big fan of 6-5+ DT's. Mincey told me that it was Florida, Georgia, and Miami, with UF a slight leader

TJtheGator: Scott, your take on Richard Gordon and where do you think he ends up?
Scott Kennedy: I don't know where he's going to end up, but he certainly is a specimen

JDG8R: Is C.J. Byrd completely out of the picture, Scott?
Scott Kennedy: not that I know of JD

Thanks for Stopping by the chat, and if you couldn't make it, thanks for catching up on the Re-Cap! Hope to see you next time!

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