FOOTBALL: Roster numbers for freshmen

For some, the jersey number is nothing important, but for other football players, the number is a statement or part of a superstition. For the incoming Gator freshmen and junior college transfers, the numbers are part of a legacy of great Gators. Here's the real inside scoop on the jersey assignments for the incoming freshmen and juco transfers as well as some of the history of the jerseys they will be wearing:

Note: These numbers are accurate as of today, but they could always change...

1 — MIKE MCINTOSH: Most recently, this was the number of Gator All-America corner Keiwan Ratliff, who also dabbled a bit at wide receiver. In that McIntosh is a wide receiver from Jacksonville, it should be noted that this is also the number that Jabar Gaffney was assigned during his redshirt freshman year (1999). Two wide receivers of note have also worn number one: All-America Jack Jackson (1991-94) and Terrence Barber (1990). Other notables who wore number one were Tony George (1995-98), Wayne Fields (1974-75) and the smallest, but meanest middle linebacker in Gator history, Jack Card (1965-67). Card was 5-6, 157 but was one of the hardest hitters in all of the 1960s.

2 — MARCUS MANSON: This was Kelvin Kight's number the past three seasons. Manson is a running back from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The most notable Gator running back who ever wore number two was Bo Carroll (1997-2000). This was Shane Matthews number for one season (1989). It has been the number of three outstanding defensive backs, Shea Showers (1993-96), All-America Will White (1990-92) and All-America Adrian White (1984-86).

3 — KYLE JACKSON: The last Gator defensive back who wore number three was All-America Lito Sheppard (1999-2001). Perhaps Sheppard's legacy of making big plays will be passed down to Jackson, who is also from Jacksonville. Another standout defensive back who wore the number was Larry Kennedy (1991-94). Number three has been the number of three outstanding Gator kickers, Bobby Raymond (1982-84), Brian Clark (1978-81) and David Posey (1974-76). This is also the number of current Gator wide receiver Kenneth Tookes, who is also from Jacksonville.

7 — CORNELIUS INGRAM: This is the most recognized number in Gator history, worn by Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel (1992-96). Ingram, a quarterback from Hawthorney, follows in the footsteps of Wuerffel and another All-America quarterback who wore number seven, John Reaves (1969-71). Quarterbacks Jesse Palmer (1997-2000) and Terry LeCount (1975-77) wore number seven as did running back Lorenzo Hampton (1982-84), a first round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins, and wide receiver Tyrone Young (1979-80), who was a converted quarterback. This is also the number of present Gator safety Corey Bailey.

19 — TONY JOINER: Joiner, a safety from Haines City, who inherits the number last worn by wide receiver/defensive back Matt Jackson (2000-03). This is a number made famous by All-America wide receiver Ike Hilliard (1994-96) and another outstanding wideout, Travis Taylor (1997-99). This was also the number of quarterbacks Herbert Perry (1987-89) and Rodney Brewer (1984-86), both of whom made their marks in baseball. Perry plays with the Texas Rangers, and Brewer became a standout in Japan.

23 — DAWAYNE GRACE: Most recently, this was the number of Gator wide receiver Carlos Perez. Grace, a defensive back from Jacksonville, will be wearing the same number as another standout defensive back, Alan Trammell (1964-66), best remembered for his touchdown return of an interception that sealed the Gators 30-17 win over Florida State in 1965. This was also the number of Derrick Gaffney (1976-77), a standout wide receiver from Jacksonville and Jabar Gaffney's father. Dwayne Mobley (1992-96), a standout blocking fullback on the national championship team of 1996 also wore number 23.

29 — ERIC RUTLEDGE: Rutledge is a fullback/linebacker from Gainesville who will wear the same number as another local athlete, Santa Fe High School's Mike Peterson (1995-98), who became a first team All-America. More recently, it was the number of Dwright Jackson (2000-2003). Robbie Ball of Eustis (1973-74) wore number 29 as a standout defensive back in the Doug Dickey era.

40 — BRANDON SILER: Siler, a linebacker from Orlando, will wear the same number as Mike Rich (1969-71), a superb blocking fullback from the Super Sophs team. Johnnie Church (1992-95), a linebacker who grew into a defensive end wore number 40 as did fullback Rod Frazier (1996-2000). Most recently, it was the number of linebacker Reid Fleming.

41 — MIKE MANGOLD: Mangold, a defensive end from Merritt Island, will wear a jersey that has been worn by some very fine defensive players. This was the number that was assigned Mike Peterson during his redshirt year (1994). It was also worn by linebackers Keith Kelsey (1995-99) and Ed Robinson (1989-93).

45 — MICHAEL BROWN: Brown will wear the same jersey as one of the Gators all-time greats, Carlos Alvarez (1969-71), a first team All-America wide receiver who still holds the career records at UF for receptions and receiving yards. Brown is a defensive tackle from the Atlanta area. Standout defenders who wore number 45 include Andra Davis (1997-2001), Pat Moore (1986-89), Leon Pennington (1982-85) and Tom "The Sheik" Abdelnour (1967).

48 — JAVIER ESTOPINAN: Estopinan will be wearing a jersey made most famous by a pair of kickers, Jeff Chandler (1998-2001) and Judd Davis (1991), a first team All-America and winner of the 1993 Groza Award. Linebacker Fernando Jackson (1979-82) wore number 48 and he is one of the school's all-time leaders in tackles.

50 — BRANDON DANIELS: The number 50 that Daniels will wear was worn by Brad Culpepper (1988-91), a first team All-America and one of the most honored players ever to play at UF. Daniels is a defensive tackle from Pompano Beach. Other notable Gators who wore number 50 were center Phil Bromley (1982-84) and linebacker Yancey Sutton (1977-80).

57 — JEREMY MINCEY: Most recently, this was the number of Bobby McCray, like Mincey, a defensive end. Mincey, a juco transfer from Statesboro, Georgia, will be upholding a strong defensive tradition of number 57s. Notable players who wore 57 on the defensive side of the ball for UF include All-America defensive end Kevin Carter (1991-94), Jerry Odom (1987-90), Scott Armstrong (1984-86) and Tom "The Sheik" Abdelnour (1968-69).

63 — JIM TARTT: Tartt, an offensive guard from Crawfordville, will be wearing the same number as one of the toughest Gators of all time, guard Jack Thompson (1962-63). Offensive tackle Don Swafford (1976-78) is another notable former number 63 along with All-SEC tackle Mike Williams (1973-75).

67 — DREW MILLER: Darrell Carpenter (1974-76), father of present Gator tight end Darrell Carpenter, and Gerald Odom (1963), father of former Gator linebacker and assistant coach Gerry Odom, are notables who wore number 67. This year it will be worn by Sarasota offensive guard Drew Miller. This number was also worn by defensive tackle Mark Campbell (1992-95) and Larry Travis (1960-62), an outstanding two-way lineman.

75 — PHIL TRAUTWEIN: Phil Trautwein, a freshman offensive tackle from New Jersey, will wear the same jersey number of the greatest offensive lineman in Gator history, Lomas Brown (1981-84), a first team All-America selection. Another outstanding Gator offensive lineman, Donnie Young (1992-96), winner of the Jacobs Blocking Trophy, also wore number 75. Most recently, this was the jersey of Gator offensive guard Shannon Snell (2000-03).

77 — JASON WATKINS: Watkins, from Lakeland, will be wearing a number with tremendous history for offensive linemen at UF. All-Americas Crawford Ker (1983-84) and Guy Dennis (1967-68) wore number 77, as did present Gator graduate assistant Cheston Blackshear (1995-99), third team All-America Hesham Ismail (1988-91), Mark Totten (1975-77) and Frank Lasky (1962-63). Most recently, this was the number of Gator offensive tackle Max Starks (2000-03).

84 — TATE CASEY: Casey, from Longview Texas, inherits the number of second team All-America tight end Ben Troupe (2000-03), a number also worn by former Gator offensive line coach Jimmy Ray Stephens (1976) as well as All-America defensive end Lynn Matthews (1963-65), whom some still say is the meanest defensive lineman in Gator history.

86 — DANE GUTHRIE: Dr. Gary Rolle (1982-84), who walked on from Miami and earned a scholarship as a wide receiver, then played in the NFL is the most notable former number 86. Rolle is now a doctor in Tallahassee and the team physician at Florida State. Guthrie, who hails from Miami Killian, will be playing tight end at UF. Another former Gator tight end who wore number 86 was Charlie Dean (1991-93). Most recently, the number was worn by Darrell Lee (2000-03).

89 — MARKELL THOMPSON: Some of the greatest receivers in Florida history have worn the number 89 that juco transfer tight end Markell Thompson will wear. The most notable number 89 was Wes Chandler (1975-77), a first team All-American who went on to an All-Pro career in the NFL. Another All-America wideout wearing number 89 was Charley Casey (1963-65). Ricky Nattiel (1983-86), Spencer Jackson (1980-82), and tight end Erron Kinney (1995-97) are other notable number 89s.

91 — DERRICK HARVEY: Derrick Harvey, a defensive end from the Washington DC area, will wear the jersey most recently worn by Sylvester McGrew (2001-03). Other notables who have worn number 91 include defensive tackle Derrick Chambers (1997-00) and tight end Tremayne Allen (1994-96).

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