RECRUITING: Bryan Evans has no favorites... yet.

Gator Country had a nice long conversation with Bryan Evans, CB/RB of Ed White HS in Jacksonville, Florida the other day. He apparently has his head on straight and is focused on looking at all his possibilities as a future college football player. One thing is for sure, he is going to make the decision that is best for him. We wanted to go a little further with Bryan and get the real inside scoop from him.

Bryan is a team player first. He wants to play a big part in his team's success. "I expect to be a team leader this year and want to show by example." For his team goals he said, "We have been to the playoffs 11 of the last 12 years, I want to win state this year." What will he be doing to make this dream a reality? "I lift weights every other day. I have to do training exercises for multiple positions. I always come in early and stay late."

Where will he be on the field this season? Try everywhere. "I plan on playing every down in every game. On kickoffs we do a lot of high pooch kicks and I will be the lead man down the field to make the tackle. On kickoff returns, the coach is going to move me around back there so teams cannot kick away from me. On defense I'll play mostly cornerback, but also some rover and some outside linebacker. On offense, I'll be the running back most of the time and play some quarterback and a little wide receiver."

Bryan's head coach last year was Dan Disch who is the new defensive back's coach at the University of Florida. He describes his new coach Terry Gilliam as "a duplicate of Coach Disch, but he wants to win by passing the ball more and using new formations."

On local competition, Bryan said: "Ed White and Sandalwood will be the game of the year in Jacksonville." Although they are not in the same classification, he suggests that these are the two best teams in the city and when they meet it will be a war. Of the players, "I can't wait to take on Maurice Wells. In Jacksonville, it's him and me. If he gets 200 yards rushing I am going to get 201." It's obvious he loves competition – both on and off the field. "I am a PS2 NCAA freak. I'll take on anyone that wants to challenge me."

As for camping this year, he attended the Florida camp in July and will also visit the LSU camp this weekend. "Florida was real fun. I was happy I got to meet some of the best players and competing against them to show me where I am at. The coaches were real cool. They are easy to talk to. Coach Disch is like another father to me. He has always helped me out and tells me what I am doing right and wrong." He also met a few players: "I met Earl Everett, he is a great player and was real cool. I have known Dee Webb since I was 5. We went to the same elementary, junior high and senior high schools."

Other things he added about the University of Florida are: "It's a nice town, not too loud and easy to live in." Given his previous statements about the staff and the players, it's not hard to detect a sincere interest in the University of Florida.

When talking about his future, Bryan is non-committal. He currently lists five favorites and told us that no one leads. His five, Florida, Florida State, Georgia LSU, and Maryland are certainly all marquee schools that could lure anyone.

On Florida State, Bryan says, "Coach Heggins is recruiting me, and I grew up a Florida state fan. My cousin, Tony Carter goes there." Does that mean he is pushing you to go there? "No, he said it's my decision."

He has a keen interest in Georgia: "I lived in Georgia and a lot of my family is from there. Coach Garner is recruiting me and he is nice. He always relates to me and my family about things in Georgia we grew up with."

LSU is also in it: "They are recruiting me very hard. Kirby Smart is recruiting me, he is the old defensive back's coach from Florida State, and is a cool person."

Maryland is his final school of interest:"They were my first offer and they have stayed on me. They tell me their defensive backs aren't where they should be and I can play early and get a lot of time as a sophomore."

On Miami, he said: "They don't seem interested in anyone outside of Miami."

Relationships are a big part of a player's recruitment. Bryan has been building a few himself. "Avery Atkins and Demetrius Morley are my buddies. I talk to them just about every other day."

What about the pressure of committing, especially on the heels of his two buddies doing it last week? "Man, they were on me hard. But it's early. I have to look and see and do what's best for me. The coaches are not pressuring me, they tell me to take my time and do what I have to do. I also have family in Georgia trying to pull me in that direction."

Bryan Evans, the self titled "Team Clown," has a lot of huge choices to make this year. None bigger than his college choice. He has his head on straight and is looking to make his own impression on scouts and recruiters. He has already impressed us at

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