FOOTBALL: Summer Workout Report 7/20

<img src= align=right>Here's a report on the workouts from this afternoon on the practice fields. As is the norm these days, the practices were truncated due to intermittent weather - same old same old! We were able to get plenty of photos and some notes for to help fill your pre-season appetite for football... (Pictured: Reynaldo Hill vs. Mike Mangold)

Today was a change up in the work out.

They switched the morning workouts that were being held at 6:15 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to afternoon workouts, so they can adjust their bodies to the heat.

These workouts consist of a lot of running and also a lot of position specific exercises. There really is not much to talk about as they were spread all over the two practice fields.

As in the morning workouts, the strength coaches and the trainers are all on hand, specifically for health reasons.

Of note during the workout were just a few missing players. On offense Mike Degory and Justin Midgett were noticeably absent, like I said before these are voluntary and they may have class. On the defense, I still didn't see Taurean Charles out for an afternoon workout, but he was at the morning workouts.

Travis Harris could not participate with the rest of the linebackers due to some sort of injury. He was out there, but had to do his own thing. Tavares Washington was in the same boat.

At the end of the position specific workouts, I thought it was going to be a nice easy finish. They started to sprint 20 yards and stop, then repeat the other direction. Then a strength coach backed up another 20 yards and they ran 40 and stopped and came back. Then another 20 yards and so on till 100. They ran 4 of the 100's and I thought that had to be it. Nope, they started back down again. 80, then 60, then 40, then 20, then they all ran for water. Just in time for another complete round of the same routine. I counted 2400 yards total. Dare I say, the defensive linemen were made to do another couple of 40's due to them jumping off-sides a few times. I was exhausted just watching all that sprinting.

The leaders of the pack during the runs: Offensive linemen were led by Lance Butler and Phil Trautwein. The defensive linemen were led by Jeremy Mincey and Marcus Thomas.

The linebackers / tightends had a surprise leader in Dan Guthrie -- the guy has some good size to move that well for that long.

Rey Hill and Jemalle Cornelius usually lead the WRs / DBs.

Afterwards a few guys stuck around in the rain to actually do some more and tried to pull off a pass-skel. The weather did not cooperate and before they could get anything more than a 1 on 1 going the thunder showed up again.

I will have more on the workout tomorrow, with a lot more photos. I am really liking what I see fitness-wise out of this group.

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