FOOOTBALL: More Summer Workout Photos, #1

<img src= align=right>Today we're posting two galleries worth of photos from the 7/20 Summer Workout to give you a glimpse at various players and how they're looking. Many of them look to be in great physical shape. In fact, I consider this the best class in terms of physical condition in recent years. (Pictured: Justin Riley during drills)

Ray McDonald chasing down Marcus Thomas.

Julian Riley smiles as his competitor slips.

Stephen Harris is losing a little ground here to the person directly behind him.

Stephen Harris is all smiles before th workout begins. He is talking to Ray McDonald.

Phil Trautwein(left) squares off ith Jim Tartt.

Marcus Thomas stays ahead of his competitor in the chase drill.

Thomas chasing down Cohen

Tavares Washington spent the afternoon on the workout bike, he must be nursing an injury.

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