FOOTBALL: Summer Workout Addendum Report

<img src= align=right>As promised, here's more details on the summer workouts - what they're doing, who's doing it, and more. Also get the real inside scoop as to who needs to step up to the plate. As mentioned before, this seems to be the most physically fit class I've ever seen and you can see it from the photo galleries. (Pictured: Justin Mincey - he looks like a beast!)

As you will see in the pictures the players do a lot of position specific exercises. The defensive linemen participate in a pursuit or chase drill. Two circles are lined close together and they chase each other in a figure 8 formation. One player starts at the top of one circle while the other starts at the bottom and the chase begins. They usually try and match-up same speed kind of guys. Notice Darrell Lee participated also in this drill.

As for the offensive linemen, they did a lot of mirror-dodge drill where they line up with someone else. Their hands are up and they have to mirror the motion of the other person to stay in front of them like offensive linemen do. They did this for long periods of time, building their strength and stamina.

The receivers and tight ends did a lot of route running on air. They just line up and run specific routes over and over again to build their stamina.

The running backs did some routes on air and also some work with cones. They use these to help with their change of direction and take off speed.

The defensive backs work a lot on backpedaling and change of direction stuff.

The linebackers do a lot like the running backs and use the cones. They work on change of direction and take off speed.

After all of this is done they participated in the gassers that we talked about yesterday. The 2400 yards of sprints at the end of the workout was certainly an eye-opener.

I told you about the leaders of the pack yesterday -- today let's talk about the guys that need to step up.

Eric Holcombe is the last guy down with the defensive linemen. Mike Brown struggles with the longer distances, but shows his metal with the shorter ones, he will get better with time and building his stamina.

While Trautwein and Butler led the pack yesterday, Jonathan Marvin and walk-on Zach King need some work as they were generally pulling up the rear.

David Kenner is the one struggling with the sprints in the running back / linebacker / tight-end group. The guys got onto him pretty good for doing so.

The defensive backs and wide receivers usually all finish pretty close.

That was basically it. As I said yesterday, this group, as a whole, looks to be in real good shape. The above mentioned stragglers need a little work, but I just can't imagine any other team working this hard on getting in good condition. The amazing part was that after all of the workouts, about 25 or so skill guys stuck around to work in the rain and lightning on some pass-skel stuff. This seems to be a dedicated group.

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