FOOTBALL: 7/22 Summer Workout Photos #2

<img src= align=right border=1>More exclusive photos from today's summer workout. The heat was intense - hitting 98 degrees and yet the players kept on plugging. Not a one quit today and that's impressive. {Pictured: Players doing the ball drills).

Kyle Jackson shuffles through a drill.

Kyle Jackson finishes a drill.

Markell Thompson does a karaoke move.

Brandon Daniels takes off.

Jeremy Mincey looks like he's always having fun at the workouts.

Skyler Thornton looks like he may be slimming down from all the heat.

Big Mo leads the ball drill. Those are some big long legs to get up there.

Someone was walking between stations. "Give me ten up-downs!!"

Chad Jackson leans into finishing this drill.

Chris Leak and Chad Jackson doing the shuffle.

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