FOOTBALL: 7/22 Summer Workout Photos #1

<img src= align=right border=1>Here's your photos galore from today's summer workout. We've managed to snag some photos of elusive players, including Dewayne Grace and many others. Today the players jumped into the country-fair drills and in this heat it's gotta hurt! (Pictured: Kenneth Tookes in action..)

Kenneth Tookes in motion...

Dewayne Grace in a rare photo opportunity.

Clint McMillan gets down and low.

As you can see, Mike Hill has solid size.

Brandon Daniels is working off some baby fat. ;)

Earl Everett has great agility.

Watch Earl attack the cones fiercely...

But even Earl has his limits - he looks a little tired, finally!

Something tells us Bubba doesn't like the camera?

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