FOOTBALL: 7/22 Summer Workout Detailed Report

<img src= align=right border=1>Before the workouts, Matt Leach was kicking some field goals and he kicked 3 of 4 from 62 yards, including the last one that hit the crossbar and went through. Otherwise, the workouts today were without the use of footballs. (Pictured: Kyle Jackson)

After the players stretched I could see more stations set up for the players to go to than I did on Tuesday. It then hit me that they were going to do the county-fair like the campers do. Each player in his group of 20 or more, takes a turn back to back at each station. There are three stations with cones, one with hurdles, one with large weight balls, and one with pads.

Coney Islands

The stations with the cones are all about change in direction and speed and acceleration. The goal is to get the player's bodies ready for any and all movements associated with the game of football. They will have the shuffle side to side. Sometimes they will turn corners at 45 and 90 degrees on some of the cone drills. They go from flat on the ground to up and back down, they spin and every other move you can think of associated with the game of football.

These Ain't No Lilly Pads

The pads are there to for them to get their feet up when they run through them. They go over them forward, backward, sideways and run around them. They are getting their legs to work harder and higher as they run as they might have to on the field with bodies all around.

Hurdle or Hurled?

If this is your last station in the county-fair you might consider doing the latter. Still this one is tough whenever you get to it. They do a lot of leg kicking over the hurdles as they shuffle to the side. More leg action and they do this over and over again during their stop at the station.

Having a ball?

It's doubtful. The guys were in the 98 degree humidity today. They had to do all kinds of weight drills with the balls. From a sitting position they raise their legs up to do 6 inch killers while holding the ball up with two hands. They then adjust and lift their legs way up and push the heavy balls up to their toes. A few more similar drills and you can see this is no walk in the park.

As I mentioned the trainers measured the relative temperature and humidity at 98 today. This was at 5:30 or so. These guys went through 6 stations back to back and were made to run in between each station. Once, when Coach Glass caught someone walking to a station, he made the whole group do 10 up-downs. That is when the player goes from a standing position to the ground and right back up again at the sound of the whistle, between each whistle and when he is up he has to jog in place. Not fun when you are already being tortured out there.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe:

When done with the 36 minute long county-fair where they were made to continuously do each station, they go right to more running. The linemen get their own set of 50 yard gassers. I didn't count them, but I imagine they did about 20 or so. Everyone else went to groups. The running backs, receivers, and defensive backs made one group. While the linebackers, quarterbacks, and tight ends were in the other. These two groups proceeded to do rounds of running 200 yards, basically from 1 goal line around the back of the opposite end zone and all the way to the opposite side, then back up the opposite sideline to the fifty. They did these eight consecutive times.

Odds and Ends

Kudos: I'm giving it to the whole team today. In weather that felt like 98 degrees, no one quit today. Not a one. There were the usual stragglers, but you can really see the guys helping each other push through the workouts. It is a nice feeling there to witness this. Some guys stand out more than others; Chris Leak is in great shape -- he has really been impressive in workouts and he will be special even when not throwing the ball. The linebackers took turns showing off in the gassers. Siler, then Channing, but more often than not Earl led the way. Dane Guthrie has continued to be one of the better surprises to me because at his size he can really move.

Jarvis Moss in the long distance runs worked with the linebackers. Now maybe they feel he has the body type to do these runs, but I thought it mighty strange he did those instead of the short 50 yarders like the rest of the defensive linemen.

Quote of the day:

I can already tell one of the best quote guys for the season is going to be Jeremy Mincey. After practice when everyone was dead tired, he walks by with a big old smile on his face and says: "When everyone else is tired, someone's got to be there to sack the quarterback." Touche…

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