RECRUITING: Where will Andrew Friedman end up?

Andrew Friedman has been a hot topic at times here in the southeastern United States. The kicker, from UMS Wright Preparatory school in Mobile Alabama, has one of the most coveted legs in the country. He plans on keeping his talent here in the southeast. Where in the southeast is the big question...?

Andrew Friedman, Kicker

Andrew was the winner of the 2004 Ray Guy Winter camp award, his average kickoff distance at the camp was a whopping 67 yards (4 KO), he maintained a 92.86% accuracy in extra points, and connected on 6 out of 7 field goals from 40 yards out. His longest at the camp was 46 yards.

In high school, kickers generally use a tee and the transition to the college game is sometimes difficult as a result. Friedman used a one-inch tee and he said has been kicking everyday working off the ground in preparation for the college level.

Friedman was honored by several publications as a junior including the Birmingham News Super All-State Honorable Mention, Mobile Register All-Region 2nd Team Honors, Alabama Sports Writers All-State Honorable Mention, and Montgomery Advertiser All-State Honorable Mention.

The youngest of 3 boys, Andrew lives with his mom and dad while his brothers are off to college. His family has amazing ties to the SEC: "My mom went to Alabama. My grandmother went to Auburn. My grandfather played football at Georgia. My dad went to Florida for dental school and my aunts on my dad's side went to Florida and they are big Gator supporters." With all of these ties and family everywhere, we asked if he was the type of kid who traveled all over the country. "No sir, I've lived in Alabama all my life."

Andrew Friedman as he is about to connect on a 50 yarder.

What does a kicker from Alabama do in his spare time? "There's not really anything to do right now, so I just hang out with my friends and work on kicking." How about other sports? "I play a little golf occasionally. I just kind of picked it up recently."

When asked about how long he's been kicking, he said, "I've been kicking since I was in 4th grade, so I guess that would make it about 8 years."

On his team this year, Andrew said: "We should be pretty good, we have a lot of seniors coming back that are returning starters and last year was kind of a rebuilding year. We want to make it to the state championship." Does he play any other position on the team? "No sir, I just kick field goals and kickoffs."

We asked him what sort of workout routine he goes through and he replied, "We go workout for an hour at a time. The strength coach gave me a set of about 10 different lifts to do. We also do sets of 50 yard sprints. We have been increasing our numbers of those sprints every week by two. We started with 10 and now are up to 18." The kickers evidently concentrate on the sprinting and not the long runs.

What schools are showing interest that you like? "I get a lot of mail from schools everywhere but the schools I am interested in are Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia."

"At Florida Coach Wickline is recruiting me and I like him a lot. Actually I like all the coaches at Florida." On the other coaches, he said: "Coach Wyatt is recruiting me at Alabama, Coach Calloway at Georgia, and Coach Witt at Auburn."

What about the camps? "I went to Florida's senior camp both sessions, Auburn's senior camp, and Georgia's senior camp. I learned a little at the camps but it was more to show what I can do."

We asked him about any idiosyncrasies he may have being a kicker – Andrew is just a normal everyday kid that can flat out boot the ball. The best he could come up with is, "Well, I have worn high socks when kicking ever since I can remember."

Andrew Friedman will be a big story throughout the recruiting process. Most kickers, including punters, find it difficult to get a scholarship due to the position they play, but Andrew is talented enough to get a full ride at any of the major schools offering him. Not only that, he is also fully qualified since he is an excellent student.

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