FOOTBALL: Summer Workout Report 7/26

Today the early morning workouts were postponed into the afternoon and we managed to scramble around and catch them, although we didn't have our camera handy this time. Still, you get an in-depth report on how the players are doing. Find out what the players called Degory as he madly scrambled ahead of all the OL during the runs, who the steady leaders are, how Gavin Dickey did today, who the new leader is on DL, and much more! Read on and get the <b>real</b> inside scoop!

The entire workout today in the hot sun consisted of 22 sprints of 100 yards each. Not much to report on with that but I will mention some of the notables.

Degory, Butler, and Bunce consistently led the offensive linemen group every time down the field on their runs. Colon was also one that was really pushing the leaders today. He was less consistent, but he was at times the leader. Phil Trautwein has a little bit of resiliency; he seems to get better at the running as the laps add up. The draggers were big Mo and a couple of walk-ons.

One funny note: On Degory's first run he tore out ahead of everyone and led the entire group by a wide margin. With his crazy big hair and beard and running wild, someone yelled out "Sasquatch!!"

The linebacker / tight end / quarterback / kicker group was led by Tate Casey almost every time down the field. He is light but he certainly showed the ability to sustain over 2,200 yards of running. Gavin Dickey was out there for the first time today. Reports of an injured hand had him back early from his summer baseball league. He was throwing the ball around afterwards with no problem. Justin Midgett looked awful today; I asked about it and he told me that he had a real nasty virus all week last week and is still very sick and weak. Not to encourage more questions about possible linebacker moves, but… Jeremy Mincey decided he could handle the linebacker pace and ran with them. He and Channing are often verbally sparring each other on to see who is the biggest he-man. It is hard to believe, but it is a close race. David Kenner continues to struggle with the heat and the running.

The wide receiver / defensive back / running back group is usually pretty even at the end of the long runs. Zep Augustine led the first trip or two but over the course of the 2,200 yards and Reynaldo Hill was the leader the majority of the time. It's a really good sign when your starting corners can keep running and running, especially late in the game. I think Reynaldo is setting a fine example and certainly showing he will have the endurance to play all or most of each game. On the last run, Marcus Manson and Tony Joiner had a blazing sprint to finish first. The young guys are really in good shape.

The defensive line group had a new leader today in Michael Hill. If you remember, last year Hill had a problem with the heat one day in practice and had to be carted off. The scary situation lasted for a few weeks where he was kept on watch until they finally figured out it was an easily treated condition. It is very promising and a good sign that he is out there leading the pack in the runs. Derrick Harvey is also starting to push the older guys. It sure makes me start to wonder what he is going to bring to the table when the pads come on. Marcus Thomas finishes ahead of the other defensive linemen on the last lap. Holcombe continues to drag on the defensive line.

In the fitness workouts, the ones day in and day out that have impressed me the most are:

QB: Leak, Ingram
RB: Fason, Manson
WR: Bubba, Cornelius
TE: Guthrie, Casey
OL: Degory, Butler, Trautwein
DL, Thomas, Mincey,
LB: Crowder, Everett, Siler
DB: Hill, Joiner, Webb

As I said last week, the team as a whole is in great shape. There are probably less than 5 scholarship players that I would say need some fine tuning. The rest are keeping up the pace and those above are just the ones I noticed over time stand out.

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