FOOTBALL: Summer Workout Report 7/29

Today was a much lighter workout than normal. I imagine that they are going to start easing off the players as we get closer to two a days. They want them to have some legs left when they start mixing it up. They have spent the better part of the summer getting their bodies in shape and building up their stamina, now it is almost time to put their brains to work. I still love what I see.

The quarterbacks were using these large bungee type ropes. Anchored down by another quarterback, they would drop back in their drops giving their bodies a little resistance in the process. I'm guessing they want to build up their leg muscles for every motion they are going to make on the field.

The running backs worked a whole lot with the bags. They run over them forward, side ways, backwards etc. They get them to pump their feet and get used to avoiding whatever is on the ground.

When the defensive linemen lined up, the first unit from left to right was Jeremy Mincey, Ray McDonald, Marcus Thomas, and Joe Cohen. That could be the starting group on opening day, although I didn't see Stephen Harris out there today. The depth of the defensive line was apparent with the last group of all freshmen: Mike Mangold, Brandon Daniels, Michael Brown, and Derrick Harvey

Rob Glass again was the one working with the linebackers exclusively. This has been the case when he is out there. The other positions are manned by the assistant strength guys. Travis Harris, hasn't been working on much of the agility stuff, but he did today. He must be bothered by an ankle or something but he took part on the drills.

For the most part it was the same agility stuff they have been doing for the last couple of weeks. The linemen and linebackers use the rings and do chase drills or just running around the rings racing each other. The running backs do a lot of stuff with bags on the ground. The defensive backs do a lot of work on backpedaling and side to side running. The tight ends and receivers work on cutting at different angles and coming back to an imaginary ball. The offensive linemen do a lot of mirror blocking amongst themselves, and a lot of stance work. Today however, they didn't do any running at the end of the work out

With no running, they had an impromptu pass-skel session. I noticed Bubba Caldwell started ahead of Dallas out there today in the first unit. Gavin Dickey had a couple of nice throws. Gavin usually lacks the finesse throw that we see from Chris Leak all the time, but he can really put the ball in there when he has to. Gavin went ahead of Midgett as will be the case on the first day of real practice. Midgett came in and promptly went for a couple of deep passes. One was well covered and defended the next was uncovered but he didn't see him early and by the time he threw it Joiner recovered to make a play. Justin is undoubtedly still feeling the effects of the illness he had last week. Chris went deep on one ball and the ball had to travel close to 60 yards. It was a well covered post pattern, but the arm strength surprised me. The pass was deflected. He threaded one in between Reynaldo and Channing who were trying to cover Reggie Lewis. Noticably missing from practice were Stephen Harris as mentioned above, Mike Degory, I can almost assure you that he has a class conflict, Jarvis Herring, I just didn't see him, Javier Estopinan, he didn't make it out Tuesday either. Those are the ones I didn't notice. Tavares Washington continued rehab on the stationary bicycle and Kenny Parker was on it again today. It is going to be a battle for KP to stay healthy.

One more note: As you can see by his picture in the photo gallery, Earl Everett is a happy guy. He was out there today and "Not" charged with any crime. I told Earl that Gator Country has his back. Skyler Thornton was also noticeably in attendance and "Not" charged with anything. I just wanted to make that clear.

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