FOOTBALL: 8/11 Practice Photo Gallery #3

<img src= align=right>#3 out of 4 total photo galleres with over 60 photos for your viewing pleasure of today's fall practice in the late morning and early afternoon. Today the players wore pads as they progressively work their way into full contact down the road. Pictured: Chris Leak as he takes in the snap.

Travis Harris(27) lines up on Markell Thompson(89). Jemalle Cornelius is in motion.

Cornelius(blue) catches the ball on a hook. Dee Webb jumped on the pass and missed. Channing(white) in pursuit, while fast, stands no chance of catching Jemalle.

Tremaine McCullom(18) trails Mike McIntosh (1) on the play.

Chris Leak takes a snap from center during pass-skel drills

Fason releases on a flat route

Dane Guthrie releases on a route in pass-skell drills

Cornelius(6) runs a deep post with Baileyz(7) in coiverage. Caldwell(5)crosses underneath as Reynaldo Hill(35) covers short.

OJ Small rests between drills

Corey Bailey gets burned by Jemalle Cornelius.

Mo Mitchell shows his wide wing span

Anthony Guererro, during warmups.

Thornton stretches during warm ups

Carlton Madder(73) and Jason Watkins(77)

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