FOOTBALL: 8/12 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #2

<img src= align=right>Here's your exclusive action shots from today's combined practice which had more activity than normal due to the weather forcing Group A and Group B to work together as one unit. Enjoy! Pictured: Travis Harris and Channing Crowder.

The team drill was run on the near field today.

OJ Small is in motion with Ciatrick Fason and Chris Leak in the backfield.

Reggie Lewis heads outside as Dallas Baker cut across the field.

Dee Webb(15) had the best practice of anyone so far in the preseason.

Chad Jackson releases on his route.

OJ Small watches the younger guys take their reps.

Jemalle Cornelius runs the reverse.

Coach Dixon put on a dancing exhibition at the women's clinic. Here, he is a blur as he throws punts up for the punt returners to practice.

Tremaine McCullom tries to block a punt.

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