FOOTBALL: 8/12 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #1

<img src= align=right>Here's your exclusive action shots from today's combined practice which had more activity than normal due to the weather forcing Group A and Group B to work together as one unit. Enjoy! Pictured: OJ Small in motion with Fason and Leak in the background.

Brandon Siler walks into a tangled mess of offensive linemen.

The starting offensive line in the early morning blitz run through.

The starting defensive line in motion, notice the relative same size of all four players.From left to right: Mincey, McDonald, Thomas, and Cohen.

Tony Joiner waits on the ball in a defensive drill.

Tremaine McCullom returns a pass in the interception drill.

Todd McCullough, Channing Crowder, and Earl Everett.

Travis Harris and Channing Crowder work on a linebacker drill.

Javier Estopinan and Brandon Siler work on a drill together.

Todd McCullough and Earl Everett work on a linebacker drill.

Jarvis Moss in a 3-point stance

Jemalle Cornelius races around Reynaldo Hill as Hill watches the quarterback throw the ball elsewhere.

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