Recruiting Chat with Jamie Newberg Transcript

Did you miss the recruiting chat with Jamie Newberg? Don't fret! Inside we provide a transcript of all the great tidbits and insight. Over 60 folks dropped in for the real inside scoop. Get it now!

BocaGtr66:: Jerom Hayes LN from NJ how do u feel about him
Jamie Newberg:: I talked with Jerome on Sunday... hard to tell but UF and MIA seem to be real high on his list.

jpgator57:: Jamie, a 9 win season for UF in your opinion could sway many undecided recruits
Jamie Newberg:: Sooner or later UF has to make the next step and win.  Personally, I think this is a team that could go 7-4 or could go 10-1, 11-0.  You never know with a young team.  Having said that, they are 16-10 over the last two seasons and still have recruited exceptionally well.  Sooner of later they have to win and when they do you will see them really recruit even better.  A poor season could hamper that momentum.

gatoriniowa:: Jamie, do you think Jonathan Stewart will leave the west coast?
Jamie Newberg:: Iowa - hard to say.  When push comes to shove Seattle's a long way from home but he said UF was childhood fav and I think UF is about to offer him.

GATORSSWAGGER:: Jamie there's a bunch of mixed opinions on Demetri Stewart, what's your opinion of him???
Jamie Newberg:: I have not seen Demetri Stewart yet but all of our Florida scouts think he is getting a lot of hype right now.  Hopefully I will have film on him in the next few weeks.

gcsgator:: Jamie, what OL do we get or leaning to us?
Jamie Newberg:: Ols - I like UF's chances with Haupt right now for sure.

tkirwin:: Jamie, how about Spicer?
Jamie Newberg:: Spicer could end up at FSU or USC.  I really don't know right now.

PhoneCheck:: Jamie.......should we color the LB from LaGrange in Red and Black?
Jamie Newberg:: Blackmon from LaGrange is likely headed to UGA although FSU is right there.  My guess is UGA.  AU is the drakhorse.

GATORSSWAGGER:: Jamie, what do you think of Freddy Lenix??? Major please stay out of this one... 
Jamie Newberg:: Swagger - I absolutely LOVE that kid.  He is waiting on Ohio State to offer but they have limited ships this season.  Someone could steal a potential Marley or Vilma - undersized but speedy, instictual and fearless.  That kid is unreal.

gators802:: Jamie, tell us about Morley. Whats your take on him as CB?
Jamie Newberg:: I think this is a terrific year for CBs, especially at the top end... O'Neal, King, Morley, etc.  He has size, speed and all the intangibles.  People raved about his UF camp performance.  He will move up in the rankings.

jpgator57:: Jamie, once again, any lb's leaning the Gators way?
Jamie Newberg:: Well, they already have two in Baker and Williams.  I think they have a great shot at Adkins,,, Reynolds and others are showing great interest.  It's August and tough to project on many of these kids.

Tboc22383:: Jamie, what do you see in Avery Atkins that would make him a safety and not a CB?
Jamie Newberg:: I look at Avery as more of a S.

PhoneCheck:: Gerald Williams a LB?!?!
Jamie Newberg:: Williams will start at UF as a LB... I know that for sure.  That doesn't mean he will stay there.

tngatr:: Jamie, where do you think Derrick Williams ends up?
Jamie Newberg:: Derrick Williams is tough to predict.  His father is very involved and Derrick wants to be the man and play right away.  Don't be surprised if he ends up with a school that doesn't necessarily have a deep WR corps... UF, FSU, OU and many others do.  Watch out for VT, UVA and others like that.  Having said that, UF has a great shot if that is NOT a factor unless he feels he could step on the field immediately at UF.

collegefootballchick:: jamie - what are your thoughts on Neely Moffit from Palm Bay?
Jamie Newberg:: I like Neefy as a player although tweeners like that scare me a little.  But he looks athletic enough to me and he has great speed.  I think he will make the adjustment fine to LB.  I like that kid and there's a reason he's on our national hot 100 list.

goochbag:: Jaime,are the gators looking at other QBs or are we set with Garner...and what are your thoughts on Garner
Jamie Newberg:: I think UF may be done with QBs.

gators802:: Ok Jamie, Please tell me something here. A lot of people think Kenny Phillips is the Sean Taylor but, when you look at him on film, he doesn't seem to like contact and always sidesteps the ball carrier. I think Byrd is a better S. Whats your take?
Jamie Newberg:: No way Phillips is Taylor.  To me they are two different style players.  Taylor is the prototype FS with great range.  Phillips, to me, is a SS all the way and he doesn't have Taylor's speed.  They are two different players.

Seven7:: I'm no Jamie but I did sleep at a holiday Inn last night and Phillips > Byrd
MajorGator:: If I have a choice I take Byrd
Jamie Newberg:: I like Byrd a lot.  Versatile, big hitter, runs well.

PhoneCheck:: does UF lead for OJ Murdock
Jamie Newberg:: I believe UF is the team to beat with OJ.

Jamie Newberg:: swollen - if I knew that it wouldn't be a surprise! lol

Gators83:: Jamie, Do you think that some day Tiger and Butch Harmon may reunite?
MajorGator:: 83 - if tiger ever wants to win again he will
UFChrisM7:: I thought Tiger already called Butch Harmon

Jamie Newberg:: They better reunite b/c Tiger needs him back!

gatoriniowa:: Jamie, if UF has a good year, could they steal J.B. Paxson from up north?
Jamie Newberg:: Iowa - a good season would REALLY help with Paxson but PD is going to be tough to beat and if MICH offers watch out for them.  TN has a great shot too.  DE will be a hard sell for UF because they are young, talented and deep there.

MajorGator:: Jamie - anyone flying under the radar right now?
Jamie Newberg:: Major - yes there are.  There always is.  A good senior season and some kids rise from now where.

rajinGator:: Jamie, your take on Matt Hardrick?
Jamie Newberg:: Not sure on Hardrick right now - school wise.

GATORSSWAGGER:: Jamie, what do you think of big Ronnie Wilson?
Jamie Newberg:: I am waiting on Ronnie Wilson film.

networld:: jamie, trott vs. mckenzie?  your opinion?
Jamie Newberg:: McKenzie is terrific.  I really like both he and Trott.

teddy57:: do you want film on eddie?
HollywoodBob:: I'll answer that Mrs H, yes he does
Jamie Newberg:: Yes BOB!

Jamie Newberg:: By the way, I believe Vince Oghoobaase unofficially visited UF last week.  Has anyone reported that yet?
HollywoodBob:: been trying, didnt want him to let the cat out

networld:: jamie, are u running for office?  if u had to pick one between the two te's, which would it be?
MajorGator:: we take Gabe bec trott isnt interested
MajorGator:: among other things
UFChrisM7:: I dont want a slow white offense.

Jamie Newberg:: They are different.  Trott is a pass receiving TE all the way... McKenzie is more of an athlete.  I am high on both players.

gators802:: Jamie, who wins in Tally this year? UF or F$U?
Jamie Newberg:: 802 - right now, you have to go with the Noles.  I think they can beat MIA and run the table.  Also, UF can't seem to win at Doak.  Having said that, that's a long ways away and I would rather wait and answer in NOV.  Again, UF has a young team and they are going to be tough to predict.

Jamie Newberg:: Alright guys.  I am off.  I will call Vince now and hopefully get him.  Bob, I will let you know if I do.
Jamie Newberg:: Later Gators!

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