FOOTBALL: 8/13 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #2

<img src= align=right>Gator Country was there from beginning to end as always -- here's the fruits of our labors. Plenty of photos from today's fall practice session under gloomy skies and an impending hurricane. Come hell or high water, they're gonna practice. Pictured: OJ Small as he is about to catch a pass from Leak.

Justin Midgett hands the ball off to Tyler Guettler in the Oklahoma Drill

Marcus Manson tries to get past the defneder in the Oklahoma drill.

More Oklahoma drills and Phil Trautwein (#75)

Skyler Thornton gets his turn..

OJ Small as he waits for the ball to arrive

Chris Leak as he fires a pass

Reggie Lewis, Kenneth Tookes, and Chad Jackson in blue, run their routes vs. Jarvis Herring(46, ToddMcCullough(47), and Zep Augustine.

Dee Webb(15) continued hi excellent coverage today vs Bubba Caldwell.

Leak follows his progression, then turns here to throw to Fason coming out of the backfield.

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