FOOTBALL: 8/14 AM Practice Photo Gallery #2

<img src= align=right>Take a look at this morning's practice via our photos. The team was in full gear and ran two minute drills, among other things. This is Gallery #2 out of 2. Pictured: Coach Zook coaching the punt teams.

Chris Leak eyes the defense before the snap of the ball.

Reggie Lewis moved to first team when the Gators go to a 4 wide look.

Coach Zook reads off instructions for the punt teams. Two of the Gators best punt blockers Jermalle Cornelius(6) and Dee Webb(15), often line up on the same side to get to the ball.

More instruction from Coach Zook in punt drills.

Nick Fleming(punting) and Eric Wilbur are in a battle for punting duties.

Jarvis Herring moves to the nickel back spot when the first team goes to a nickel look

The defensive speed has made it tough on the wide running game this week. We are waiting till they start hitting to see if that will make a difference.

Late in practice, Mo Mitchell was back with the starting offensive line

Dallas Baker was back with the starting group today. Reggie Lewis also was the 4th receiver in a 4 wide set.

Bad pitches, mostly on the option, were the big reason for up-downs today.[

The Gators practiced two minute situations for the first time today

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