FOOTBALL: 8/15 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #1

<img src= align=right>Last night the team had a spirited workout. Get an in-depth look at what went on the field. This is gallery #1 out of #2 for almost 20 detailed photos of the action. Enjoy! Pictured: This contraption sits near the field and constantly measures the humidity and heat for safety reasons.

The defense practices pursuit to the ball just before individual drills.

The starting defense

This contraption measures the heat and humidity out at practice every day. (Sure looks like a golf ball cleaner to me...)

Jarvis Herring eyeballs Dallas Baker before the snap.

Reynaldo Hill has played well the last three days

DeShawn Carter, Zep Augustine, and Corey Bailey are back in coverage.

Bubba Caldwell gets tackled in a special teams drill

Jemalle Cornelius runs his route with Jarvis Herring and Earl Everett in coverage.

Joe Cohen in pursuit

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