FOOTBALL: 8/15 Fall Practice Report #2

I thought that I'd focus a bit on the lines of scrimmage. They challenged each other in several drills. We focus so much on the skills position guys that looking over the line during drills was well-deserved. Also, quotes from Coach Zook at the end.

The teams worked on pass blocking/rush man blocking with a dummy quarterback stationed in the pocket.

Coach Wickline jumped Mo Mitchell's behind for not firing off of the line and getting after it. Ray McDonald definitely got the best of Mitchell. Mitchell couldn't get his feet under him.

Mike Degory ate up Eric Holcombe in the first round between these two behemoths. However, Holcombe, surprisingly, did a nice job on Degory in Round 2. He had Degory on his heels knocking him backwards. Initially, I had thought it was Brown, but after review, it was indeed Holcombe.

Lance Butler lost both matches to Marcus Thomas. Thomas made a beautiful swim move on Butler during their second round match. He made the move and ran right by him. He caught Butler totally off guard.

Joe Cohen started one way went back across and beat Jon Colon to the dummy. Coach Wickline made him do it over again. Cohen jumped offsides twice anticipating the snap count. Colon was better on the next attempt.

Tre Morant got the best of Phil Trautwein during their battle.

Steve Rissler battled Michael Hill. It was a pretty good job by Rissler.

Michael Brown overpowered Billy Griffin. He kept knocking him backwards from right to left, right to left, right to left. Brown knocked Griffin backwards into the dummy.

Julian Riley did a nice job on Drew Miller. Coach Wickline went over and gave Miller some additional instructions and patted him on the hip.

Travis Harris battled Anthony Guerrero. Guerrero knocked Harris' head gear off, but Harris continued pushing him and got to the dummy in fairly short order. Harris won. Wickline made them go after it again.

Randy Hand did a really nice job on Derrick Harvey.

Coach Zook's comments

Regarding Dee Webb…"Dee (Webb) tweaked his ankle last night, but he'll be alright"

Tomorrow night's scrimmage…"I think tomorrow night will tell you a lot. I'm anxious to see some of the young guys, and just let 'em play and see what happens. They've been impressive. I think they'll get after it pretty good tomorrow. Again, the coaches will get off of the field. I'm just curious to see what happens to them"

Comparing this time last year to this year… "Obviously, you feel better because of where you're at. We're further ahead in terms of knowledge. We're further ahead in terms of experience. We know who our quarterback is. You know what he can do. You know your front seven. I feel better about our secondary right now at this time than I did about the front seven a year ago at this time"

Jarvis Moss moving to LB… "Yeah, we're just looking at him there. He moves around so well and he's a little thin. We're just trying to find a way to get him on the field. Actually, watching him drop in some firezone stuff was impressive. Charley's the one who suggested it. He drops so well that maybe we ought to take a look at him at linebacker. From what I saw, I thought that he did a nice job. It'll be hard (working him much in tomorrow's scrimmage) being the fact that he's just been there one practice"

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