FOOTBALL: Scrimmage Report 8/16 Appetizer

<img src= align=right>The Gators finished tonight's scrimmage on a high and showed wrinkles of a new offense under the lights. The first team offense squared off against the second team defense and vice versa. Pictured: Ciatrick Fason all set and ready to go...

Lights. Camera. Play Action

I'll let Bob delve into this more, but the Gator offense was fueled tonight by the play action. Larry Fedora's play action, not just from the shotgun formation, was out there for all to see as Chris Leak executed to perfection. From center, Leak ran the play action twice in the red zone for touch down passes to Billy Latsko and one more time for a gain of 20 yards.

Andre Caldwell benefited from the play action as well catching balls of 25 and 30 yards.

Crowd favorite Chad Jackson had a better day then Reggie Lewis (1 catch. Forced fumble by Dee Webb, recovered by Channing Crowder), and Jemalle Cornelius. Despite fumbling a reverse and getting an offensive interference call, Jackson showed great ability in stretching the field coming down with a couple catches of 20 plus yards. Chad also caught a TD in the red zone situation.

The tight end played a minimal part in the scrimmage as Markell Thompson, Tate Casey, and David Kenner all finished with goose eggs.

In the only pass to Kenner, freshman Tony Joiner showed how physical he can be by laying his body on the line and popping the ball out. Joiner was shaken up, but returned the next series to lead the second team defense. Tony was very vocal out there and in on many plays including breaking up a would be touchdown pass to Jemalle Cornelius.

On the Ground

Deshawn Wynn had more yards out there today and showed exactly what he can bring to the table. He broke a two toss sweeps for gains of 10 yards, as well as busting two long runs between the tackles for gains of 10. Wynn also punched one in from 7 yards out in the red zone for a TD.

Ciatrick Fason was solid on the ground, fumbling once, but showing great cut back ability and improved speed from last year. In one particular run, he bounced outside and managed to turn the corner on Brandon Siler for a big gain.

With Skyler Thornton out, Marcus Manson got plenty of carries on both the second and third teams. Manson showed great toughness between the tackles and good speed on the edges.


I mentioned earlier I would keep an eye out to see how Rey Hill fared. Hill was very physical at the line and good in run support. I can only recall of once that he got burnt in the red zone, but so did the safety. More impressive tonight was Dee Webb. Webb continued to show flashes of greatness in tonight's scrimmage, even with a tweaked ankle. Webb broke up several pass attempts and intercepted a Gavin Dickey pass. Instead of running out of bounds he cut across the field for 50 more yards before being pushed out at the 20.

Channing Crowder and Earl Everett continued to dominate the line of scrimmage and read the defensive pass coverage. Crowder picked off a Justin Midgett pass and took it back 60 yards, high stepping from the 10 and high fiving two little kids in the end zone. No, he's not cocky. The pass was called back for being a pass interference and Crowder made friends with the referee who called it.

Tex Moss was surprisingly efficient at the LB spot lining up as a stand up DE all the way to the right of the line. Jeremy Mincey recorded 2 sacks and was always in the backfield. Ray MacDonald continued to impress with roughly 5 tackles for losses.

Stay Tuned for a More Detailed Hollywood Update.

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