FOOTBALL: 8/16 Night Scrimmage Gallery #2

<img src= align=right>Here's photo gallery number two from tonight's scrimmage in on Florida Field under the lights. There's plenty of action photos to give you the real inside peak at what the team will be like when football officially starts. Pictured: Corey Bailey takes down Tookes in a flash.

Todd McCollough is in a protective boot. Earlier reports say it isn't serious.

Gavin Dickey as he calls out the audible. He did quite well tonight.

This time it's Coach Miller in the huddle coachin' em up.

Michael Hill is back hitting tonight. (#90)

Ciatrick Fason just before the snap.

The first team defense was better than the rest tonight.

Kenneth Tookes and Mike McIntosh wait for the snap

Corey Bailey wraps up Tookes before he could take off with the catch.

Ingram (#7) lets the ball fly before he's about to get a whammy from MacKenzie Pierre. See if you can find the ball in the photo as it flies... The pass was actually completed.

Ingram is surrounded as he takes off on a scramble for first down.

Jemalle Cournelius gets some direction from OJ Small

The offensive line barks out assignments

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