FOOTBALL: 8/16 Night Scrimmage Gallery #1

<img src= align=right>Here's photo gallery number one from tonight's scrimmage in on Florida Field under the lights. Over 36 photos and there's plenty of action shots to give you the real inside peak at what the team will be like when football officially starts. Pictured: Coach Wickline's troops did great tonight.

The two minute clock was in extensive action tonight.

Coach Wickline's Troops had a great "game" tonight. Here they're lined up for the shotgun snap to Leak.

Ciatrick Fason as he's about to be taken down.

The first team offense waits for the signal from the coaches

Jarvis Moss (#84 in the middle) played some linebacker tonight.

Chris Leak scrambled for 12 yards and a 1st down on this play towards the goal line

Bubba Caldwell looks for the signal

DeShawn Wynn as he races towards the goal line. He averaged over 8 yards a carry tonight.

See the offensive line as they run block. They helped the backs average 8 yds a carry.

Chad Jackson, Kenneth Tookes, Marcus Manson, and Gavin Dickey all had bright moments tonight.

Coach Zook yells for the first team as Coach Wickline looks pleased.

Marcus Manson and Gavin Dickey await the call. Manson did well tonight, prompting speculation that he will not be redshirted.

Dee Webb wasn't supposed to play tonight but he did well despite his earlier injury.

The team gathers together like they always do after practice.

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