Football: 8/17 Practice Report Appetizer

Practice ended today to the tune of thunder and lightning as the coaching staff hammered away at fixing last night's weak points.

Climbing Up the Depth Chart

Jonathan Colon's knee hampered him enough today that after coming out ready to go, he sat out the rest of practice on "muscle beach" with the trainers. With Tavares Washington not at 100%, Anthony Guerrero spent most of the day with the first team at LT. Right behind him on the second team was true freshmen Jason Watkins at LT, and Phil Trautwein at RT.

The offensive line played great last night and seems to be coming together at just the right time. With less then 3 weeks till kickoff, it is essential that this group come together and stay healthy. Guerrero will suffice for now, but the emergence of Tavares Washington and the health of Jon Colon will be imperative to this groups success in the next couple months.

Wide Receiver Action/Blowing Bubbles

Dallas Baker was back in the mix today and not a second too late. In red zone situations, he caught 2 fade passes for TD.

The Tight End's took a hit today as it turned out Darrell Carpenter hurt his ankle pretty bad last night and will be out for quite some time. Couple that with the poor performance of Markell, Tate, and Kenner last night and we might just be looking at Dane Guthrie getting even more playing time with the first team.

For all the play action we got last night, the bubble screen was back in full force for a portion of practice today. The guys on the receiving end were Andre Caldwell, Chad Jackson, Jemalle Cornelius, and interestingly enough Mike McIntosh. These are all guys who are explosive with the ball in their hands and it would be nice to see them YAC on the field. Yards after catch that is.

Pooch Punt

With Eric Wilbur not at practice, it was interesting enough that part of the focus of today's practice was the punt coverage game. Nick Fleming took every punt at practice today and wasn't too impressive when given the opportunity. He shanked a couple punts out of bounds.

Stay tuned for more in depth reports from Hollywood and Franz tonight.

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