FOOTBALL: 8/17 Practice Photo Gallery

<img src= align=right>Take a glimpse into today's photo gallery from this evening's truncated practice session. Although the workouts were cut short they were still quite productive as you can see. Pictured: Grace (#23) played extremely well today.

Jemalle Cornelius lines up against Dawayne Grace for a little 1 on 1 action.

Grace (23) played extreemely well today

Tremaine McCullom was the one in the chat room in 2002, here he is defending against Chad Jackson.

The starting fronts of both sides of the ball were the same today, the day after the scimmage. Anthony Guererro substituted at LT when Colon got a little overheated.

Chad Jackson and Reggie Lewis in pass-skel with Dawayne Grace in coverage.

Jonathan Colon cools off on "Muscle Beach", where the injured players go to work out.

Jarvis Moss, Alvin Butler and Deriion Robinson(the new guy), work with bill Miller during drills.

Todd McCullough jogs from "Muscle Beach" without the walking boot he had on yesterday.

Matt Leach talks to the docs and trainers.

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