FOOTBALL: 8/19 Practice Report

<img src= align=right>The Gators workout this afternoon was in the sweltering heat, which afforded the opportunity for a little fun in the pool, which included everybody, including the staff. A water hose could have been used on the sparse audience, and there wouldn't have been a complaint in the crowd. Pictured: Mike Mangold.

Leak and Dickey

Both quarterbacks threw the ball well again. I ripped Dickey in this column last week for holding the ball entirely too long and poor timing. He didn't look particularly good then. That said, he looks much better now. He isn't holding the ball and he seems to have improved his timing with the receivers. He's finding the hot receiver and making the pass. Obviously, he has gotten more time with Justin Midgett resting a sore arm, but he's looking much more like a quarterback who is challenging, regardless of Midgett's status. As competitive as Midgett is, the next scrimmage should be fun.

Markus Manson

Manson ran as the backup to Vernell Brown returning punts. However, it was not a good day for the freshman. He dropped a couple, back-to-back today. Manson had to come up for a rather shallow wobbler, crouching down a bit to field it, and dropped it as he was about to cradle it in. The second punt hit him right in the hands as he drifted back a step or two, and he dropped it.

Pool Party

At the end of practice, Zook told the team that they'd earned a refreshing splash in the pool. So, they all ran down to the pool behind the O'Connell Center and jumped in. Rumors are false that Mo Mitchell successfully completed a one and a half pike from the ROTC building.


The best move as the linemen matched up against one another was the Travis Harris spin move on left tackle Carlton Medder. Harris exploded off of the ball, spun to the right and blew by Medder. They did it again, and Medder did a more respectable job against Harris.

Guard Mo Mitchell did a solid job on Kenny Parker during the drills.

Fellow guard Drew Miller was impressive as he pretty well dominated Michael Brown

Zook's comments

Weather…"It was hot, but we pushed through it. We gave them a couple of breaks. They pushed through it and did well. I was proud of them."

Reggie Lewis…"He's doing fine I tried to talk to him a couple of times. Everybody else has talked to him. In fact, I'm going to try and run over there. They still have to run another test in the morning and then he'll get out."

Mike Mangold…"He said that he couldn't get a ride. He's been in here in meetings. We're going to start him out at linebacker"

Zeph Augustine…"I told him, Zeph if I put you on scholarship can you turn it up a couple of notches? He said, "Coach, I'm going to turn it up a couple of notches anyway""

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