FOOTBALL: 8/19 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #1

<img src= align=right>Today we have over 20 photos from today's practice session to give you a unique glimpse into how the Florida Gators practice and how they are doing. We're the only place you can get the <B>real</b> inside scoop thanks to our connections and staff! Pictured: Brian Crum gets punched at the line of scrimmage.

Leak surveys the field. You can see Hand taking Mincey out of the picture.

Gavin barks out the call to the line

Brian Crum gets punched at the line of scrimmage to slow him on his route

Big Mike Brown during drills

Casey Griffith shakes off the heat after he snaps the ball

Eric Holcombe and Kenny Parker hav been the second team defensive tackles for most of the preseason.

Mike Mangold was walking towards the linebackers during drills today. Coach Zook said afterwards that he will start at linebacker

Marcus Thomas prepares to launch..

Carlton Madder worked with the second team offensive line at left tackle.

Lance Butler and Jonathan Colon have been first team offensive line all preseason

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