EXCLUSIVE GALLERY: Football team cavorts in pool

<img src=http://www246.pair.com/autoybkh/albums/albun16/Pool_chicken_2.thumb.jpg align=right>GATOR COUNTRY EXCLUSIVE -- As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Camp Zook isn't always like this as evidenced when Coach Zook gave the boys a brief respite from the hot summer heat by inviting them to hop into the ROTC pool for a good time. Even the coaches jumped in... Get the <b>real</b> inside scoop with photos of this rare event! Pictured: Kickers play Chicken Fight!

When Coach Zook make the announcement, a roar went up and it was obvious the players appreciated the kind gesture.

These photos were sent to us by a family member from one of the players so we're unable to identify everyone in these photos. Our thanks to the family member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Bubba Caldwell dives in after practice today

Tate Casey submerges Eric Wibur after Wilbur tries to sneak up on him.

An unidentified player dives in with his uniform pants on!

Cannonballs were aplenty and the pool lost a lot of water.

It looks like everyone is having a blast after a hot day of practice.

The kickers are having fun playing chicken fight in the pool

The line gets ready to jump in

Matt Leach as he takes a dive for a change. The coaches also jumped in and cavorted with the players.

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