Zook expects Lewis released from Shands saturday

<img src=http://www246.pair.com/autoybkh/albums/albun17/lewis_reggie_mich.thumb.jpg align=right>Sophomore wide receiver Reggie Lewis will spend another night in Shands Hospital as doctors continue to study his heat related symptoms that affected him at Wednesday's practice, but Coach Ron Zook fully expects the Jacksonville speedster to be released Saturday. Read on for more tidbits from today's practice. (Pictured: Reggie Lewis - courtesy of UF Sports Info.)

"They're going to keep him one more night," said Zook Friday afternoon after completing the only practice of the day. "They're still trying to find out what happened. I talked to him before we came out here this afternoon and he wants out of there bad. He's fine. He feels great, but they just want to make sure what it is that happened, why he over-exerted like that."

Zook expected Lewis to be released Friday, but the Shands team that is monitoring him decided to keep him the extra night as a precautionary measure.

"All the signs look positive to me," said Zook, who said Lewis could be back to practice sometime next week.

Among the myriad of bumps and bruises that slowed the team down this week, sophomore defensive tackle Marcus Thomas of Jacksonville also missed the Friday practice.

"Marcus was sick so I made him stay in the training room to get treatment," said Zook, who went on to say that Thomas had flu-like symptoms.

For the most part, the team is healing and looking forward to a 9 a.m. Saturday scrimmage in The Swamp. Originally, the scrimmage was set for the afternoon, but with the heat index spiking above 110 degrees the past few days, the change was made.

"It was pretty warm out here yesterday," said Zook of an afternoon practice where the heat index was measured at 117 degrees. "Yesterday we ground on them pretty good. We want to be sure we get a good scrimmage in tomorrow morning and that's why we changed it. We wanted to get it in before the heat. We want to get in a bunch of plays. If it's 115-117 degrees out there, I know they'll give the effort, but they'll get hot, dehydrated and tired. We asked the seniors what they wanted to do and they wanted to do it in the morning."

Another factor in the time change is that Zook and the staff want to give the team some extra time off from football. By scheduling the scrimmage in the morning, that will allow them to have a Saturday night to themselves. Zook said he's not worried that anyone will get into a troublesome situation.

"These guys have worked hard and they've put a lot into it," he said. "They know there's a lot at stake. Curfew's been at 11 for two weeks and there's not been a lot of free time. For the last two weeks we've pretty much dominated their time. They need a day to relax a little bit." Zook took the team to a movie Thursday night.

When asked what film the team saw he said, "I've gone to a movie every Friday night the last four years and I couldn't tell you one title."

He paused a moment, then added with a smile, "We saw ‘Collateral'."

As he walked away to eat dinner with the team, Zook was asked about Saturday's scrimmage compared to the first scrimmage of the fall preseason practice that took place Monday night.

"We're improved," he said. "I think we'll show that tomorrow."

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