FOOTBALL: 8/20 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #2

<img src= align=right>As usual, here's plenty of photos from tonight's practices. Two galleries worth of action photos and more. Tune in to see what you've been missing out on at practice! Pictured: Channing Crowder always looks ready.

Mike Mangold works with the SAM linebackers during individual drills

Petro was pounding kickoffs today.

Skyler Thornton, Gavin Dickey, and Brian Crum get read y for a snap in pass-skel.

Dawayne Grace has steadily improved through the week.

McIntosh has been a big hit among the freshmen - he's lined up vs. Deshawn Carter.

Dee webb played on the second team today. here he is in a tight man to man

Here is the first punt of punting drills and you can see that Cornelius will get all of this one

Chad Jackson was one of the first two out to receive kickoffs. He was joined by Bubba Caldwell.

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