FOOTBALL: 8/20 Fall Practice Photo Gallery #1

<img src= align=right>As usual, here's plenty of photos from tonight's practices. Two galleries worth of action photos and more. Tune in to for the best photos on the net of practices! Pictured: Cornelius (6) as he's just about to block a punt.

Siler(40) looks menacing as Tookes looks back to se where the pass went

Kyle Jackson will play on a lot of special teams. here he is running down to cover the kickoff

Leak and his perfect follow through.

Reynaldo has played tight coverage for most of this week. Here he releases Conelius to help out in the corner.

C-4 runs on a flair route but the ball is headed elsewhere.

Channing Crowder always looks ready

Midgett as he waits on the snap

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