RECRUITING: Avery Atkins committed from day one

Despite rumors, quotes, and contrary news around the internet and media, Avery Atkin's always been committed to the Florida Gators since they day Gator Country broke the news of his commitment. Get the real inside scoop in his commitment.

According to Coach Moranto at Daytona, Mainland HS (FL), Avery Atkins his star RB/DB made his commitment to the University of Florida earlier, and never backed off that commitment. "He made a verbal commitment earlier and that's what we have been saying."

Coach Moranto goes on to talk about Atkins, "He's a great leader and a proven player. We are anxious to see him play his senior year. He can play on both sides of the ball, He's equally explosive as a defensive play and offensive player. Off the field he is a good leader in the school and very charisthmatic kid."

Atkins committed to the Gators on the Monday after their July Rising Senior Camp. July 13th , Atkins, CB Demetrice Morley of Miami Killian HS, DL Valdimir Richard of Piper HS, and LB Gerald Williams of Boyd Anderson HS all went public here with commitment to the University of Florida. It was a recruiting bonanza resulting from a very successful camp. A week or so later we caught up with Atkins again to see how he was doing, and he said he still liked Florida but made a quick decision and backed off his public commitment but seemed privately committed.

With the commitment confirmed, Atkins joins his high school teammate QB Jonathan Garner as commitments to UF. On Garner, Coach Moranto offered: "He's got everything you want in a quarterback. He's 6-5, about 215 and throws the ball well. He's a tremendous leader and student, and student of the game. He's gotten better every year."

In our previous interview with Garner, he expressed that Atkins was still committed to the University of Florida despite Atkins' prior comments. Garner and Atkins combined to help Mainland HS win their first ever state championship in 2003. In fact, it was the first state championship for the entire county.

We hope to have a more in-depth interview later with Atkins.

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