RECRUITING: The always elusive Antone Smith

Pahokee (FL) all-star running back Antone Smith may be the most coveted back in the south if not the nation this season. The 5-8, 190 pound scat back is as elusive on the phone as he is on the field. We had a great time talking to Antone. Read on for the real inside scoop!

Antone Smith had a busy summer attending multiple camps and making an unofficial visit or two. "My summer was excellent. I went to a lot of great camps, the Miami camp, the MSL camp, and the Rutgers camp. I went to Florida State for an unofficial. I really enjoyed everywhere we went," said Antone.

His team, Pahokee High School, is the reigning state champion. He told us they have been working hard to get back and play for all the marbles once again. "We should do it again. We are going to play in Gainesville in December."

Smith gave the impression that he was having fun with the recruiting process by the way he was joking around on the phone. When we asked him if the recruiting process was becoming tiresome, we weren't surprised when he answered: "I am enjoying the recruiting process. You only get one chance to do it."

Mr. Elusive wouldn't list any favorites for us. If he knows what he wants to do he is keeping it quiet, which doesn't seem like him. "I don't have any favorites. Everyone is sticking out for different reasons. But everybody is even. No top 5 right now."

We asked Smith what he's looking for in a college and he said, "I'm looking for great location, excellent players, and excellent coaches. Being around family is what I am looking for. When I'm not playing I want to say these are my uncles or this is my family."

Emmitt Smith is his favorite player, but he hasn't seen him live. Most that watch him say he doesn't run like Emmitt though. They say he favors comparably to another all-star back. "A lot of people say I play like Barry Sanders, but I don't think I play like anyone. I have my own unique style, I just try to bump up my game every time I go out on the field and try to do different things that I can to get better and utilize my talents. I think I have my own style and let the public do all the talking." He likes the public to do the talking while he does his thing on the field.

Last year Smith played on both sides of the ball, but it doesn't look like he'll be doing it this year. His injury last year was certainly a deterrent to seeing him get busted up playing somewhere he isn't comfortable, and he answered agreeably. "I'm not going to risk anything playing defense."

Although we couldn't glean much from Smith regarding which schools he's interested in, he was fun and as elusive on the phone as he is on the football field. We look forward to keeping in contact with Smith as he ventures through his senior season and hope that we are more successful at pinning him down than his opponents on game night are.

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