RECRUITING: Bryan Evans - one thing on his mind

With the recent confirmation of Avery Atkins, RB/DB from Daytona Beach Mainland HS (FL) commitment to the Florida Gators, we thought it best to check in with his buddy Brian Evans. Evans, a versatile athlete from Jacksonville Ed White HS (FL),a has become great friends with Atkins during the recruiting process. Evans, however, had anything but his college choice on his mind when we called.

Bryan Evans started by talking about the upcoming season. He really harped on the importance that Ed White follows through this year and gets to the pinnacle of Florida high school football. "I am really looking forward to it," he said. "I've got to get me a state, man. You know we've been in the playoffs 10 out of 11 years and we haven't won a state yet, so we really want to."

Being the star player on the team, Evans told us that the coach is going to make sure to showcase his talent and put him in positions to help them win. He told us, "They have me spread out more. Last year I was mainly at running back, now they have me at wide receiver and sometimes quarterback. I may line up in the slot or at tight end. It depends on what play is called, where I line up at. They line me up everywhere, and I like it."

That was just on the offense. Evans, who told us in an earlier interview that his preferred college position is cornerback, will play a lot of defense for the Commanders as well. "On defense I will be playing a lot of safety this year, it depends on the package, but I will play a lot of nickel, and I'll blitz a lot and hopefully get to the quarterback before they break the man coverage."

Ed White plays a jamboree this Saturday against Jacksonville powerhouses Sandalwood and Lee. I asked about going against Wells, the state's leading rusher last year and a fellow star 2005 recruit. "I like it." About trying to out do Wells on the field, He said, "I got to have it."

Since he is good friends with Atkins, I asked about Avery's latest reaffirmation of his Florida commitment. "No, I didn't know that. I talked to him the other day and he never talked about anything like that." We took this as another sign that Atkins never really wavered from his private commitment. He continued, "The last time we talked, we talked about me trying to get to his jamboree Friday, because he plays in Gainesville, then him coming to mine on Saturday. If it goes right, Avery and I will be in the state championship game against each other, because we are in the same class. Last year if we won our last game we would have played them."

We tried to get some college interest answers out of him and he was having none of that this night. "I am trying to focus on ball. There are a lot of things happening. The team is depending on me, they are looking forward to me producing so I have to be a leader on the team and try to help the other players on the team." One more time he reiterated, "I will not be satisfied till I get that state (championship)."

Is he ready for the coaches of schools around the country to start calling and hounding him? "The coaches are going to start calling on Sept 1st and I am ready for it."

Bryan has a great head on his shoulders and is not a procrastinator when it comes time to take care of his academics. He got a huge head start in the classroom 3 years ago. "My classes this year are pretty easy because in my first 3 years I got done with a lot of them and I only need 3 core classes this year to graduate. I am pretty much set but probably need a little higher score on my SAT, if I don't get a little higher I need to improve my GPA by .1."

With an easy class load, Bryan should have time to visit some of the college games scheduled for this year. He likes the college game and is really interested in seeing the passion and the wars on the collegiate campuses this year. "I want to visit all the rival games, Florida-Florida State, Florida-Georgia, Tennessee-Florida, and Florida-LSU. I love rival games, to me that's when it seems they put it all on the field. There is so much at stake, they want to win so bad, I like it."

We will continue to follow Bryan as he embarks on this football season. He is a great player on the field and equally as impressive off the field. He will make some institution of higher learning very proud.

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