RECRUITING: Demetrice Morley clears the air

Demetrice Morley of Miami's Killian HS (FL) may be considered the jewel of the Gators' class so far. The 6-0, 180 pound cornerback ran a sub 4.4 40 time at the University of Florida's Rising Senior Camp only two days earlier and then followed that by wowing the on-lookers with his skills in the drills portion of the camp. We also took this opportunity to ask Morley where he stands after hearing a quote from him elsewhere about taking trips to other schools.

Demetrice Morley

Morley says the season has been good so far for his football team. "The team is doing good. My team just moved me from safety to corner, so I am a full time corner now. I will be returning kickoffs and playing receiver." The Miami Killian team looks to have a great secondary this year. With four division 1 recruits, Morley, Antwan Cox, Chris Kennedy, and Corey Burks, we agree with Morley when he says, "We have the best secondary in the state." They might be the best in the country.

Morley is a very bright and outgoing kid and is taking his scholastics head on. He has yet to take the SAT, but tells us, "I take my first SAT in September and I am going to Ace it." He is never one to mince words and approaches every endeavor confidently.

Morley had a busy summer and spent a lot of time with college camps. "I went to the Miami, Rutgers and Florida camps. I went to see how I compare against other receivers, other defensive backs and I just wanted to make myself better. I liked all the camps but my favorite one of all was Florida. I just loved it up there; it's my kind of town."

With that last jewel, we asked why he was quoted as saying he would continue to take other visits. "I just said I wanted to take a visit," he said, emphatically telling us there was nothing more to it. "I'm going to be there (at Florida) on the first game against Middle Tennessee State. I'll also be there when the Gators play LSU."

We asked him why he liked Florida so much. "The people are good to you. It's a football town. I met some of them and we got along real well." The coaching staff was a big part of Morley's commitment. "I love all the coaches, Coach Disch, Coach Zook. I loved the way they talked to me, other coaches just seem like they are trying to sell me stuff. I like the coaches that will tell me what's real. I want to play for coaches like that." He also enjoyed his time just touring the campus itself. "The campus was one of the best campuses I have been to so far."

Has Morley been a big recruiter so far for the Gators? "Man I just haven't had time, all I am doing is going to school, going to practice, and then I come home late." National Scout Scott Kennedy in July said on Morley: "He is a guy I just recently heard of and the first time I saw him play was at Florida's camp. He is the best defensive back I have seen this year, he can be a shut down corner or a ball hawking safety."

As for what Morley thought of his own skills, he said "As a cornerback, my speed and my lower body give me the edge. I have good hips and speed and can turn and stay with anybody. I can also read the quarterback. I always know what he is going to do and where the ball is going. Every time we watch film, I always watch the quarterback and see what kind of quarterback he is and what he is going to do in the games. During the game it's like a tape playing back, I already know what he is going to do, then I have the edge." It's obvious he approaches each endeavor confidently.

Who does Morley want to emulate? "Charles Woodson! He's my favorite player and is why I wear number 24." I have heard more than one reference to the way Morley plays and Woodson plays.

Demetrice Morley is never short for words. He is an easy interview and certainly loves to speak his mind. The Gators are looking forward to getting his strong mind and personality on the football field in the near future.

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