The Cohen Family and Hurricane Frances

The family of Gators' defensive end Joe Cohen of Melbourne experienced some major dwelling problems during the process of Hurricane Frances. Cohen's mother, sister, and his daughter are all fine, but the house they were living in caved in the day after Hurricane Frances came through. It was a residence Cohen lived in for 12 years. "I've been calling them like 6 times a day." he said, after he reiterated everyone was alright.

"The electricity didn't go out at the house until late, late, that night, about 3 in the morning." When asked about concentrating on everything he has to do, Joe told everyone it isn't a problem. "Nah, because my mom is so strong, she told me everything was alright. We have a close knit family and she is staying with my grandma right now."

Cohen wanted to help his family. "My mom was going to stick through the storm the whole time, I was going to bring my baby and the rest of my family here, and I was going to go home and sit at the house with my mom. They had Palm Bay and Brevard County evacuated, so no one was allowed in. That really bothered me, but everyone is ok."

Cohen told everyone that the team is really eager to play. "It's making all the players anxious to play. I am just hoping everything goes alright this week so we can play. I was so hyped for the game; I stayed up every night till like 5 am because I had so much energy."

Coach Zook about the storm and the games……

Coach Zook spoke to the media, after practice Monday. The practice had to be carried out on the O'Connell Center basketball floor. The lack of an indoor practice facility hasn't been much of a factor so far this off-season, even with all of the rain. The Gators have been able to juggle practice times for the most part. It is weeks like this when such a facility would sure come in handy. He told the reporters tonight that the field drains well, so they will probably be out on the practice field tomorrow.

When asked about how he and his family did during the storm, "We had a lot of rain, but we were very fortunate."

He made a point to talk about the effect on the team, "It is hard on these guys…..they've done a great job" Everyone was accounted for at practice, "Three freshmen (from Atlanta) got back late, but everyone made it back safe."

Someone proposed the possibility of Hurricane Ivan messing up next weekends plans. Zook replied with a grin, "I can only deal with one hurricane at a time."

Coach Zook was real happy with what his team could accomplish on the basketball court. "Tonight's practice was unbelievable, with this situation, we couldn't ask for anything better. They are looking forward to playing.

The players that were suspended for off the field conduct may get to play for the Eastern Michigan game afterall. Speculation was out that the suspensions would be carried over to this week, but Coach Zook addressed that. "Probably him (Channing Crowder) and Jarvis (Herring) are both going to play. I need to talk to Jeremy (Foley) about that a little more, it will obviously be his call. They were scheduled to miss the Middle Tennessee game and now that will be the 6th game, and that's the game they should miss."

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