Practice Notes & News

Soggy Conditions...<br><br> The Florida Gators practiced on the Florida field today due to the saturation of the practice fields. Being allowed on to "The Swamp grass after practice, it was easy to see that the field was in great shape.

Coach Zook felt it would be more conducive to a good practice and keeping everyone healthy. He definitely wasn't worried about how the field looked on Saturday. "The field is in great shape, that's why we came out here."

The thought of an indoor practice facility certainly must be a good one for times like this. The Gators over the last few years have had decent weather and not really needed such a facility. The constant bad weather that has plagued Gainesville this year only means more and more practice time away from a field where the players can work and not worry about tearing up the grass, or dodging lightning.

Suspensions and more…………

Channing Crowder and Jarvis Herring are scheduled to play this weekend. The suspensions for off the field matters are being tied to the first game of the schedule, which was the Middle Tennessee State game.

It certainly was not just the Coach's decision. "They are going to play and obviously they will miss the Middle Tennessee game. They were scheduled to miss the Middle Tennessee game, it's not their fault that there was a hurricane. We will get them going. We want them to go right now. Jeremy decided also, and that's what we are going to do."

Coach Zook has no worries about the mindset of his team for the game. They are really ready to play ball. "The anticipation is kind of like Christmas. I feel like we were getting stale last week. These days off really helped us. They have come back and never missed a beat."

The health of the team has been pretty remarkable coming into the first game. As it stands now, all scholarship players should be healthy enough to play on Saturday. Coach Zook went on to talk about a couple of minor injuries. "(Dane) Guthrie isn't back yet. He has some sort of a stomach ailment and should probably be back now. (Jonathan) Colon, he has an infection in his leg but should be ok. Colon was out here but he didn't do much.)

This Weeks Opponent……

Coach Zook went on to talk a little about the relatively unknown Easter Michigan University Eagles. The staff at Eastern Michigan is totally new. Both offensive and defensive coordinators were not coordinators at their previous jobs. They seemed to bring a new offense and defense to a veteran team. "They only had the one game, it's a new staff. They have some good talent. They will come here and play hard.

They ran the ball; they have that running back that ran for 1500 yards last year. The quarterback is a transfer and pretty heady guy that can run the option and throw the ball and get the ball to the open receiver. They ended up running it a little more than I thought. Their offense has some family to our offense.

Game Time……

Any change of game time was not announced after practice. It was actually announced that there was no announcement. Got it? Anyway, the "rumors" are hot and heavy that the game will be re-scheduled for 1 p.m. on Saturday. As soon as we find out of an official change, we will be sure to let everyone here know. As many have speculated on our boards and on local radio and newspapers, I believe the game will be changed.

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