real inside scoop and see exclusive video on Tony!"> real inside scoop and see exclusive video on Tony!">

RECRUITING: Tony Wright Names a Leader

Tony is a 6'0" 195 pound running back from Peach County, Georgia, and may be the most unheralded four star player in the country. According to the database, he is the 92nd overall ranked player in the country, 12th nationally at his position, and number one rated running back in Georgia. Needless to say, Wright has skills on the field of play. Read on for the <b>real</b> inside scoop and see exclusive video on Tony!

To give you a little background on Tony's performance, last season he rushed 267 times for 2155 yards. That's an astounding 8.1 yards per carry. He capped off those terrific numbers with 20 touchdowns.

We asked Tony about his summer and what he did to prepare for the upcoming season. "I went to a quarterback/ wide receiver camp. I also went to the Auburn camp. It was pretty good. We worked on routes and running back stuff."

Like most terrific, young players today, Tony has some lofty goals for himself and his team. "I wnat to make over 200 yards per game. I want us to try to be number one." But, like some others, Tony has a bit of an uphill climb. In his first two games he has around 160 yards combined. It can't be for a lack of good plays, because he only had about 14 total rushes to get those 160 yards. For those of you that aren't math wizards, that's a number just shy of 11.5 yards per carry. So, there is no doubt as to his ability.

Currently, Tony has two offers - one from Florida, and the other from UF's arch-rival, Florida State. We asked Tony if he had a leader between the two programs: "Florida. The Gators." He also told us that he was looking for to college because "I'm looking forward to getting away from home." He also spoke of Florida's favorable depth chart and said playing time wasn't too important, which is a change from his earlier position.

Tony possesses a style of play that many coaches drool over. He has terrific size at 6-0, 195 pounds. That, combined with his 4.4 speed makes him a difficult guy to deal with on the field. He told us that he can beat you with his speed or just run over you. That is evident when looking at his video.

What immediately comes to mind as a way to describe Wright is elusive, yet brutal. Wright shows an uncanny ability to give a slight "shimmy" and make his would-be tacklers to miss or fall down altogether. When he gets by defenders, they might as well stop running because Tony isn't stopping until he hits the end zone. Good vision is critical in making maneuvers like this, as it is necessary to be able to see beyond the near defenders and also what is to the sides. As good as Wright is as dodging defenders, he is equally adept at running over them. You had better hope your mouthpiece is in or your chic-lets will be spilled all over the field. On more than a few occasions, Tony has thrown out a stiff arm or lowered a shoulder pad to get extra yardage. Defenders also know that they cannot stop until Wright is on the ground. Otherwise, he'll just bounce right off of you and keep going. But everyone has a downside, and for Tony that may be the ability to catch out of the backfield. We haven't been able to see that yet, although he assures us that it is not a problem.

Tony Wright is a new name on the Gator board, but the staff is very high on him since they received and reviewed his game film. The offer he holds in his hands should be an indication of exactly how high that is. The Gators definitely have needs at running back as well, especially with the recent transfer of Jimtavis Walker and the expected departure of Ciatrick Fason after this season. Also, the number of players on the board at this position seems a bit thin. That makes Tony Wright a top priority for the Florida coaches.

See Wright's video highlights:

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