FOOTBALL: "Play of the Day" for the Gators

After every game we'll be selecting a Gator Play of the Day from that game and break it down, showing you why and how it worked (or the opposite - why it didn't work, etc.) complete with a play book diagram and animated video to give you a real glimpse behind the offense and defense.

(You'll probably need to expand your screen out to view the full image here...)

This week's Gator Play of the Day was a play action roll-out.

Here, Chris Leak (12) rolls right and fakes the hand off to Ciatrick Fason, who runs left and blocks the Will linebacker blitzing. Lance Butler (72) from his left guard spot rolls back to protect Leak from any traffic that shoots through protection. Butler ends up picking up the defensive end vacated by tight end Tate Casey (84) when he runs a short out route. OJ Small is in the slot on the opposite side and runs a middle crossing pattern. Bubba Caldwell (5) is the flanker and runs an even deeper crossing pattern.

In this roll out pass, all 4 receivers are headed in the same direction, but at different levels, giving the quarterback 4 choices to throw the ball in the same direction he is rolling.

Watch the video to see the playbook in animated format and see how the play developed: Gator Play of the Day Video.

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