GAMEDAY: Quotes from UT Coach Fulmer

Coach Fulmer with the Tennessee Volunteers had the opportunity to offer a few comments on the upcoming game versus the Florida Gators in Knoxville, Tennessee. Read on for the quotes.

Q: Will the 8 o'clock kickoff provide an advantage or disadvantage for either the Vols or Gators?

A: I don't think it will affect either team. I hope the crowd is ready and into the game. At that hour, they should be. The Vol Walk that afternoon will be incredible. Television controls starting times so much now that I think everybody is used to it. Waiting around all day is tough on everybody."

Q: Going into the Florida game, do you expect to continue the two-quarterback system that employs Brent Schaeffer and Erik Ainge?

A: "I plan to stick with dual quarterbacks. There is no reason to change things if you are experiencing success. If the situation dictates, we'll stay a little longer with one quarterback or the other. But both have earned the chance to play."

Q: Explain the importance of this game insofar as the race for the SEC's Eastern Division championship is concerned.

A: "It would be very crucial to be a leg up in this race. Georgia, of course, ame from behind to win a big game against South Carolina. Georgia is a good team, and so is South Carolina. Florida is good, and we think we are. It will be exciting to see who survives and thrives in this environment."

Q: How much balance does Florida exercise between the passing and running aspects of its offense?

A: "I'm really impressed with the Gators both on the ground and in the air. They spread the field, have outstanding receivers who get downfield and make plays. Their running backs are very good, helped along by a strong line. They can make big plays. They will be a real challenge for our defense."

Q: What do you anticipate will be the key factors in determining the winner of Saturday's Tennessee-Florida game at Neyland Stadium?

A: "As always, the same things. It's the team that can stop the run. Something could happen in the kicking game that could change the outcome. In this type game, we need to cause their quarterback to make mistakes."

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