FOOTBALL: Postgame Quotes from Coaches and Players

Her's your post-game quotes from both team's coaches and players. It was a hard fought game where the Volunteers wrenched a 30-28 victory from the Gators despite a Florida offensive onslaught.



"It was a hard-fought game. I told them after the game I was proud of them. There were lot of things we needed to do that we didn't. It's disappointing, but we have to go to work.

"I think we still have a chance to be a good football team. There are a lot of things to correct we will correct.

On the personal foul penalty late in the game
On the personal foul penalty late in the game "Somebody hit our guys and we retaliated. They always get the second guy. That's part of it.

"Tennessee made the plays when they had to. The momentum will always go back and forth. You have to be able to handle it.

"On Tennessee's second touchdown drive, we didn't settle down. We were able to make the adjustments and settle down.

"I thought Chris Leak had a nice game. He managed the clock, the noise and checks. The 97-yard drive showed what we can do. We were clicking on all cylinders.

"We killed ourselves with the penalties. We'll get that cleaned up. It's a long season and we'll be ready to go.

"At the end of the half, we didn't want to get in a situation like last year. Tennessee had a timeout left and we didn't want a blocked punt or something like that. We were in control and there was no reason to take a chance.

"Ainge did a nice job with the checks and getting it done. We let a receiver get inside on the fourth down and can't let that happen.

"I thought the crowd was exciting. Chris handled the noise well.

"I'm still confident, especially after what we've been through. It's been a while since a team was undefeated in the East.

"Kickers have to have short memories. Our guy missed one, too. I don't see gaping holes on this team. There's no doubt in my mind we're better. We have to win the game. We'll go back and go from there."


"The game is over now and we can't spend too much time thinking about it. The season still has a long way to go. We are in the same situation as we were last year when we lost to Tennessee. We have got to run the table pretty good and see where we go form here. It was a good game. It was a dogfight like we planed on it being. We knew we had to play all four quarters and it could come down to the end, and we just didn't come out with a win."


"We are not satisfied with where we are as a receiving corp. We have a lot of young guys and we will have to go out and work and see where we can improve and take it into next week. We have got to make good plays and hopefully we will come out with a win."


"As we came into the locker room at halftime Coach (Zook) just told us to keep playing hard and don't get complacent. Keep going after them. Keep going after them. Don't lay down because you know they are going to come out ready to play. It was a game where we knew what they would come out and do, and they also knew what we would come out and do. It was a matter of executing the plan. We did a pretty good job of doing that. This just happened where it helped Tennessee tonight. Coach told us afterward that it was early in the season. Use this to learn from it and to get ready for Kentucky next week."


"We just have to put this past us. Coach Zook told us this is going to hurt. Both tonight and into tomorrow. But we just have to get rid of this and get ready for Kentucky on Monday. If you let a loss stay with you too long and can hurt you in the long run. We will go out and fix the things we need to, and try to go out there and get a victory next week. I thought that Chris (Leak) played really well tonight. After Tennessee tied it up at 21, he came out there and said this is our drive and we quickly went down and scored. He handled the offense so well, and for his age he stepped up his game another level tonight.

About Tennessee and their style of play:
"Tennessee didn't really come out and talk that much. They just came out and did their job. Sometimes they would help me off the pile, and sometimes I would help them up. There was no trash talking out there at all. It is just two teams out there being competitive and trying to get a victory.

On rushing the ball against Tennessee:
"We did a good job of running the bal tonight. It was just a matter of making sure we took care of the football. At times when we needed to get the yards we did. We felt like the running game was there. Tennessee did not expect us to come in here and run the ball like we did. They had said all week that we didn't have a running game. But we showed a lot people wrong out there. We just put the toss sweep plays in this week. We knew the aggressive style of defense that Tennessee plays and it helped out against them. Hopefully we will stick with it and some big things will happen."



"I'm very proud of the win. It's something to build on. It was not pretty a lot of the way, but it's a win. Our guys did not give up. Our running backs did a good job. Our wide receivers made things happen on offense. They made the plays. It was good to see our quarterbacks play in that kind of environment. We put the defense in some tough spots.

"Field goals usually don't decide this game. It did tonight.

"I felt like we needed to go for it on fourth down. I didn't know if we could stop them.

"It was a great statement by the offensive team. I thought we took control in the first half, but they had a 92-yard drive. That's something we will address.

"There will be times when Schaeffer has the hot hand and he will be in there. We thought Ainge had it tonight. Brent gives us a lot things. This was a team win. Ainge did a good job in the system.

"Our tackling is not where we need it to be. We have a ways to go on some fundamentals.

"I was shocked just like the 108,000 in here.

Jason Respert

"First thing: Thank God football is a 60-minute game. We came out and knew it was going to be a dogfight. We knew it wasn't UNLV. But we also knew that if we did the things we were coached to do throughout the course of the week, we'd be all right."

On the freshmen QBs
"Both of them are talented. It just so happened that (Erik Ainge) was out there (in the fourth quarter). I have faith that if Brent was out there, e would have made plays too. It was just that Ainge was out there."

James Wilhoit

"First of all, with the extra point, I didn't really think about it. You just expect that when you kick it, it's going to go in. I guess I'd made 40-something in a row, and when I pushed it right I couldn't believe it. The guys tried to keep me up. We played such a good game. I just prayed that I'd get another opportunity. When I did, I knew I had to make it."

On the game-winning field goal
"All I know is that it went straight. Once I saw it go in, I don't think I was thinking about anything else. I was just going crazy. It was unbelievable. We're just all a team, and we all make mistakes. Just because I made that field goal doesn't make me more important than anybody else. We played 60 minutes, and we all made plays. It just happened that mine was the final one."

On whether or not he ever missed an extra point in high school
"I had a couple blocked. The goal posts are so close that it would be ridiculous to miss one (in high school).

Erik Ainge

"Once you get in that zone when you're calling those pass plays like Coach Sanders was doing, When an offensive line blocks for four quarters like they did, it makes it that much easier on the backs, receivers and quarterback."

On the Vols' final drive
"I knew we had time to get the ball back and make something happen. Obviously we were disappointed. We knew we just had to keep fighting. We knew it was a four-quarter game. It's 60 minutes, not 58 or 57."

"The most fun part of playing football - as a quarterback - is the two-minute drill in the fourth quarter. You've got to be out there making plays. That's what you want; that's what you live for. And that's the reason you work so hard."

Jayson Swain

"Any time you beat your rival it's a great feeling. We know the past, the history and the rivalry of this game. We fought for 60 minutes and came out with a win. We have so many playmakers on this team. [The win] gives us a leg up in the SEC East, but we've got to stay hungry.

"He [QB Erik Ainge] doesn't play like a freshman. He did great tonight. Wilhoit has tremendous poise. He's a gamer. [On the key to long drives] You've got to stay focused and not shoot yourself in the foot. We run the ball at Tennessee. If you stop that we can throw it."

Brandon Johnson
"That Chris Leak is really good. Florida has some really good receivers. Tonight's about responding. He [Leak] responded. Then we responded back. We just kept fighting. This win is a character builder. That's how it is in the SEC. Tonight we kept getting back up. I'm proud of this defense.

On his tipped pass that led to Florida touchdown
"My life flashed before my eyes. I kept picturing myself telling my kids years down the road that I lost the Florida game for Tennessee. Life's about second chances."

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