FOOTBALL: You Make The Call on Video

Here is a play-by-play of just some of the bad calls or non-calls we caught on film now on video for you to see for yourself in slow motion. There were actually eleven bogus calls on paper from that game. These are not all of the plays in question, but seven that we could bring you. We're doing this just to show how bad it was and question the impropriety of the officiating team and then we're going to move on now that we have Kentucky ahead of us.

Yes, they all say it's no use crying over spilt milk, but this is the kind of bad milk the world needs to see.

Load up the video and when it's ready, listen & read on...

  1. Lance Butler (#72), is called for a block in the back. We have come to the conclusion that this is not a call that should have been made. This series ended up with an interception by Chris Leak
  2. Stephen Harris from a defensive tackle position was called for a 15-yard face mask, when he tackled the guy by the back of the shoulder pads. This series ended up with a touchdown by the Vols.
  3. Chris Leak is hit late by a Vol defender with the referee in full view. The defender took three steps after the ball was released and still made hard contact.
  4. Randy Hand (offensive right tackle), was called for holding on this play. S you can see in the video, the referee was in plain sight of the call. This series ended with a punt by the Gators.
  5. Jayson Swain was given a touchdown here, when he clearly was not past the goal line when he bounced on the ground. Of course this wa a touch down for the Vols.
  6. The fullback must be set for a full second before the snap, as you can see he was moving when the ball was snapped. This series ended up in a Vol touchdown.
  7. The infamous end of the game when Side Judge Bobby Moreau called only Dallas Baker for the personal foul and not the Vol defender. The clock was also not running when the ball was placed allowing the Vols enough time to move down the field and win the game. We know how this one ended.

As we said, these weren't all of the calls. The defensive back guarding Bubba Caldwell could have been called for holding on the very first play of the Florida offense. He was holding the receiver 20 yards down field. Bobby Moreau missed that call along with numbers 1, 2, 5, and 7 above.

Lest we forget the play where the Vols broke the huddle with too many on the field and was allowed to call a timeout instead of receiving a penalty for breaking too many in the huddle.

Notice there is no film of blatant holding by the opponent. We refrained from grading every judgement call that they could have missed. These are examples of plays where calls were made in complete error or non-calls were made in total site of the official.

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