RECRUITING: Larry Cox - Multi-talented Lineman

Larry Cox is a talented lineman that has the ability to play several positions. The giant from Peach County High School in Fort Valley, Georgia has quite a bit on his plate these days, including a bunch of major division one scholarships. Larry was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time so we could catch up with him and see how things are with him.

It has been a while since the network has talked to Larry and we wanted to know what he had been doing since then. "I work out with the school a lot. I went to the Auburn Camp, and I went to the NIKE Camp in Atlanta at Georgia Tech." What happened at Auburn? "They taught us how to defeat a block, and pass rushing drills."

Larry has taken on a leadership role for his team. He told us that there are a lot of young guys on his team this year and it's his job to be the leader. "Basically, that's the seniors' job, and that starts at practice… A lot of guys on my team look up to me, so I have to play my role. I can't let them see me doing stuff I know is not right for them to do. I try to keep them pumped up or if somebody didn't make a big play, don't let them drop their head. They are going to get their plays, they have to bounce back the next play." To acknowledge his position and his role in this manner could foreshadow a bright career ahead.

Larry is also looking forward to helping his team contending for a state championship. So far, that is progressing well as the team is 3-1 this season and Cox has 4 sacks on defense. Cox told us that he does have a player that he admires. "My favorite player would probably be David Pollack." Not a bad role model. We all know that Pollack has had an excellent college career.

Cox is sporting some very large offers currently. "Florida offered me. Maryland, Clemson, Auburn, Georgia State, Ole Miss, Georgia…I don't know, there's a lot. I really don't have a top 5 right now. I like all of them." What is Larry looking for in a school? "Academics. That's the main thing I'm looking at." He told us that depth charts and other issues are important but academics far outweigh the other issues.

We asked if he preferred to play defensive end (where he currently plays most of the time) or was he being recruited as a defensive tackle? "I think it was Georgia that is recruiting me as a defensive tackle. Everyone else wants me as an end. They've got me playing a little offensive tackle for my school." When asked if that meant he would play offensive tackle on the next level and he said, "I will play anywhere just to get on the field." Does this mean he wants to play early? "Yes. I mean I don't want to rush it. I would like to, but I'm not trying to rush it." His comment about playing offensive tackle was very interesting when one considers the dearth of tackles out there. He certainly has the size for it with him hitting 6'7" and 250+ pounds.

Cox is also an accomplished basketball player. When asked about basketball being a part of his decision, "I'm thinking about that. It is a big decision, but I'm just trying not to let that get in the way right now. I'm trying to finish out the season before I just starting thinking very hard on all that."

More on the personal side, Larry told us that he keeps up with a few guys that are playing college ball right now. "Chansi Stuckey. He's at Clemson. AJ Bryant, he's at Georgia. Charles Johnson at Georgia. I keep up with all them guys." Do they talk football or just regular stuff? "Football." Are they trying to recruit him to their programs? "No, they understand where I am coming from so they really aren't trying to bully me into it or nothing like that."

Outside of football, what does Cox like to do? Larry told us that he tries to spend as much time as possible with family. "I spend time with my niece and nephew…that's what I try to do a lot of. It's don't get to do it on weekends because I'm busy with school and games and stuff like that. But in my free time I try to spend time with them."

On the touchier subject on qualifying, Larry told us that he was set to graduate on time and that he was taking the ACT this month. Which game did Larry watch this past weekend? "Marshall and somebody….yeah, Georgia. It was pretty decent. I kinda knew who was going to win that one."

Larry Cox is an impressive young man who seems to have his priorities in order. He obviously takes his role in life and in football seriously, and in our opinion should be applauded. He seems to be a person of character and integrity, which is terrific to see. We wish him good luck for the season and in his recruiting.

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