GAMEDAY: Coach Zook's Post-Game Quotes`

Coach Zook shared his thoughts on today's game against Kentucky. Says some things need to be fixed, but overall they did pretty good. Read on for more quotes.

Coach Zook's Post Game Quotes

Opening Comments…

I was very proud of our team. Obviously, we didn't play the game we needed to play, but that happens. During the course of the game an over the year, you are going to have games like that. To be the kind of team you want to be, you still have to get in there and win those games.

We need all three phases (offense, defense, special teams). When one of the phases isn't playing quite as well, the other phases need to step up. We did a lot of great things on offense and at the same time we were down in the red-zone and didn't get in. That hasn't been our nature.

About Kentucky…

The team hung in there. They never were concerned, and I like that in their look, the fact that they don't panic and they just keep playing. We have a long way (to go) yet and at the same token it was a good win. They came in with a great plan. Kentucky did a great job. If you remember last year, they caused us a lot of problems in terms of what they do with the front. They move around and their front plays extremely hard, so they caused us some problems. The thing I said to Larry right in the beginning was don't get frustrated with the running game and go away from it. I wasn't going to let that happen.

About C-4…

Ciatrick had a big game. Once again, everybody knows what we think of Ciatrick around here and it's just great to see the hard work of a guy pay off. He just keeps plugging away and he does the things h is supposed to do, he catches the football, he protects, and he runs. Sometimes he ran where he wasn't supposed to go, but he gets north and south. I am very proud of him and the offensive line. H has that elusive style where he can make people miss. He is faster than people think. Like that last run there, when he started coming back toward our sideline, we were screaming, 'What is he doing?' then someone on the headphone said 'he's doing what he's supposed to, he's getting a first down.' He was barking at me about running the football when we were getting bogged down in the red zone. I told him to just run the football when you are coached to. I love that about him. I am proud of him.

About Chris Leak…

I think probably Chris compared to last week was a little down, but you see that all the time. He had a couple of balls dropped and a couple of balls that maybe should have been caught. Maybe a couple of passes he was off, 1 or 2 he was late. One thing about Chris Leak is you don't have to worry about him; he's going to come back and play the kind of game we need to have.

Hangover effect?

We had great practices last week, we really did. Jeremy asked me yesterday if we had a problem playing at 11:30, I said, Jeremy, 'They will play today.' That is just how they are. They don't complain; they just line up and go. We went out in pads on Thursday. Not for punishment, I felt like last Thursday we weren't getting after it. I just wanted to make a point and no one said a word. They understand they have a chance to be a good football team.

Defense rebounding

I wasn't concerned about the defense. When you watch the tape you can see they are correctable mistakes. How do you fault a guy for wanting to make plays? He has to learn his gap and his responsibilities and that comes with experience. Brandon Siler did a nice job in there, and I thought the secondary did much better.

You know what, Bubba Caldwell, Chad Jackson, Chris Leak and Dee Webb share an apartment suite. We knew they were going to be better this year. I think you can tell those guys have done a lot together, they are on the same page. Chad, he's making big plays and he is going to continue to improve. I don't think you can have too many good players on your football team.

Red Zone Problems…

With 500 yards of offense, I am not going to sit here and panic because we got bogged down in the red zone. Most of the things were mistakes we made so we can correct those things.

Not getting DeShawn Wynn carries…

Once again, I think DeShawn can be as good as any back that has ever played here, and I mean that. We reward C-4 for his work ethic and we want DeShawn to do it too.

Thanks Gator Fans

I really appreciate the people that were able to be here. I know it was tough on a lot off Gators. I also appreciate Jeremy for making the change so that people can get back and do the thijngs they have to do for this storm.

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