FOOTBALL: Fedora frustrated with lack of points

Frustrating is the only way to describe offensive coordinator Larry Fedora after watching the films of Florida's 20-3 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats Saturday in the Swamp.

The Gators controlled the ball for 21 more plays than the Wildcats, outgained them 523-207 and produced one of the most balanced attacks in Florida history, gaining 262 yards passing and 261 rushing, but it was still a day filled with frustration.

"Lots and lots of yards, but not enough points," said Fedora after Monday's practice in The Swamp. "Twenty points isn't nearly enough, but we did score enough to win the game and that's really all that matters.

"I am quite disappointed with all the times we had the ball in the red zone but we just didn't execute. When we get down there, we have to put points on the board. That's something we're working on hard this week."

Fedora said that Kentucky's 3-4 defense did not present any new problems or different looks. The problems were more on Florida's side of the ball, not anything that Kentucky did.

"They didn't show us anything that we hadn't prepared for," he said. "Basically, our problems were timing issues. Everyone wasn't on. It was really rare when we had everyone on the same page on the same play. Most of the time we had one guy here doing something right, one guy there, but never everyone on the same play. That's really frustrating. That's an area where we have to do better."

The balance of the offensive attack is something the Gators always strive for, but it's rare when it actually works out the way it did Saturday.

"It wasn't by design that it was that balanced," said Fedora. "We always go into every game saying we would love to be balanced, but usually the defense will give us one thing and take away another, so you end up a little more in one area than the other.

"Saturday, the running game was going really well, and C4 (Ciatrick Fason, 210 yards on 31 carries) was tearing it up. I think our offensive line did some nice things to make our running game go well, and we did a few things in the passing game (Chris Leak, 23-45 for 261 yards) that were pretty good. I think in the passing game we did enough to be successful, but certainly not what we could have done or should have done."

The Gators face Arkansas this Saturday in The Swamp, facing a young and very aggressive defense that is coached by Dave Womack, formerly the defensive coordinator at Southern Mississippi and a protege of former Gator defensive coordinator John Thompson.

"He (Womack) does a tremendous job with his players. John Thompson was here for awhile (Gator defensive coordinator, 2002) and they are really close friends, so it's the same style on defense — lots of jumping around and confusing you by giving you lots of different looks."

Arkansas had a senior defense last year that enabled Womack to do more complicated things. This year's defense is much younger and more inexperienced.

"Because they're so much younger on defense, they're probably not jumping around and trying to confuse you as much as they did last year," said Fedora. "When you have a senior defense you can take a lot more chances, but even though they're younger this year, they're still doing a great job. We expect them to play us very tough and we expect to see a few new things."

ZOOK NOTES: Tailback DeShawn Wynn didn't get any carries in Saturday's game against Kentucky, causing a great deal of speculation that the sophomore tailback is in the doghouse. Following Monday's practice, Zook said all is okay with Wynn. "He had as good a practice today as he's ever had," said Zook. "He's a prideful guy. He wants to play. He wants to win. He's fine. He's gonna be okay." ... Zook went on to elaborate that he expects Wynn to get more chances to run the ball... Zook is hoping that with good weather expected for Saturday's game with Arkansas that the stands at The Swamp will be filled and rocking. "It's important that we have our fans in here and they're standing up and yelling. It's going to take a lot of energy. I believe this, our football team draws from our fans. We draw from that energy. If they give us the energy, we'll use it." .... Zook noted that Arkansas is a tough place to play, but he hopes Gator fans will give the Razorbacks a dose of their own medicine. "Their place is a tough place to play. I want them to see what it's like to play in The Swamp. I want our fans to stand up and give us all they got."

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