RECRUITING: Maurice Wells adds more schools

Jacksonville (FL) Sandalwood running back Maurice Wells is a very busy man these days. The 5-9, 180 pound highlight film specialist is taking calls from college coaches all over the country. The #7 rated running back gave us a few minutes in between calls from coaches. The last time I spoke with Maurice, he wasn't willing to give the Florida schools a sniff. Have things changed? Read on for the real inside scoop!

Maurice Wells' season is going well so far. Just like last year when he led the state in rushing; he is already piling on the yards in this young season. Wells said, "I'm doing good. We are undefeated." He told us last time that the offense was going to be a little more diverse and this might explain why he is off of his state record pace of last season. Wells shared with us some of the new found offensive philosophy, "We are throwing a little more. It's a different dimension that we didn't have last year. We have a couple of different receivers, 4 wides (receivers) a little more. The quarterback is stepping up, our receiver John Jones, he's caught a lot of passes." Despite that, Maurice ran for 219 yards last Friday night. There are a couple of other reasons his Sandalwood team is still undefeated and looking good, "We are coming out and just playing hard. The defense has also stepped it up."

Wells doesn't have to carry as much of the entire load in the Sandalwood backfield either. His backup has shined when he has had the chance also, "Corey Matthews, he gets in there when I get tired, he's pretty good. He had a 60 yard touchdown against Fletcher (HS) two weeks ago and he has about 150 yards on the season so far." It is a lethal combination and a good reason why the Saints are undefeated and steam rolling ahead.

The recruiting phone calls are rolling in on a nightly basis. Some nights are busier than others. "Yeah, it seems like they all call on Tuesday and Wednesday." He doesn't seem to mind the attention and understands the plight of the college coaches that are calling. "It's good, they are recruiting and everything and it's an opportunity to talk to some of these coaches and see what some of these schools have to offer."

When we last talked to him he had a just three schools he was fixed on. Ohio State, USC, and Georgia Tech were heavy on Wells' mind. "I'm liking Maryland, Notre Dame, Tennessee, you can add them to the list." As for Florida, he says he's interested in the Gators. "I get a lot of calls from the Florida coach, Coach Fedora, we talk a lot. We'll see, I don't know what could happen."

He has visits to Maryland, Ohio State, and USC lined up for football games. We wondered if he was going to visit any other schools for the game day atmosphere. "I am going to try and catch a Florida game when me and my daddy can drive up."

Maurice tells us who has the most influence as to where he may end up at the next level in college and they're his parents. "They are involved, but they know it is my decision and I have to make the decision that is best for me. They don't try to influence me to go anywhere; they want me to go to the school that I like the most."

What is he looking for as far as college? "I am not really sure what all will influence my decision, when I figure it out I will know what is the school for me."

Wells does think he knows when he wants to make that decision. "Actually, for the Army All-American game they asked me if I was interested to make my decision at half time, and I told them I was interested. I might do it there, and that's the first week or two of January." That game is on January 15th and it will be carried live on NBC. Wells fans every where will most likely be glued to their seats.

Maurice Wells is a home run threat every time he touches the ball. He is going to provide that home run to some recruiting class at some lucky school when he makes his decision. He is a well spoken kid that now seems to be more wide open than he was just a month ago. Staying in state was not an option last month and with his statements tonight, that may not be the case. The recruiting battles for Wells' services are going to be hard fought by some of the finest institutions in the land. Stay tuned for a ringside seat.

View his video highlights and see why he's highly touted.

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