FOOTBALL: Tuesday Coach Zook Q & A

First off, the day off from school really helped us. It was the second time we have been able to do that and we treated it like the NFL... We got to lift early and watch tape, then come back in the afternoon and get started on Arkansas. I am very excited about the way we prepared. Last night and we talked about how it is very important how we prepared. It is going to be a fun game, a big game.

We need all of our fans on their feet hollering. One of the things that Arkansas prides themselves in (is their place). That was the first time I had ever been out there to play and that was a heck of a place. They think they are loud. We need our fans on their feet hollering the same way because it is going to be an exciting game.

On Matt Jones, the Arkansas Quarterback.

If he's not the best player in the SEC he is one of the best players in the SEC. He is hard to defend because he is strong and fast. I don't know if we have anyone on our team that can catch him. He is a big strong guy and he makes plays. He's like a running back there, he can run the football. You can tell their football team, they look at him and rally around him. He gives them confidence because they look at him and feel like he can get them out of trouble and he can do that.

On last year's game…

I was really excited about the way we practiced yesterday and I felt really good all day yesterday, but the last thing we did was put last year's tape on. I walked out of there about 11:10 pm. And I was sick. Some thing happened and they got back in it. Once again, when the other quarterback got hurt they put that number 9 (Jones) in there, that just goes to show the things he can do.

Seeing all the different kinds of quarterbacks this year, have the young defenders grown up quickly?

I think so. That is kind of the way it is. Every week you are going to see a different offense and obviously there are going to have to be different problems that your guys are going to have to face. One of the things that our staff did a great job of was at camp. When you go to camp you prepare for an 11 game schedule. You hit everything that you are going to get and you are going to see. That has helped us a little bit. We kind of have an idea of what we are going to see. On the same token, they are improving just like we said we had to do and this will be a big test for us.

On his relationship with Ciatrick Fason…

I love all these guys. Sometimes they don't think I do. My daughters sometimes don't think I do. He is a special guy. He committed to UF before we got here and when he got here he actually came on an official visit. I can remember standing on the field and his eyes were watering, it was important to him. The thing that excites me about him is that he is a young man that it is important to him and he has done the things to have the success. He works hard and works is heart out. It is good to see a guy that works hard. When he runs the ball as much as he did last week, it shows he is getting a little stronger and working his tail off in the weight room. One of the most important things about Ciatrick is that he is a team guy. Sure he wants to be successful and he wants to be the man, but he knows we need everybody on this football team. He knows unless his team plays well, he is not going to get the things he wants to get.

On the Arkansas Defense…

The one thing that I have said for three years now, is I think this is as well a coached football team as there is in the SEC. They do a great job defensively. They play hard. They have some young guys, .but 18 of 22 starters are juniors and seniors. They play hard and I think that is a credit to their coaches. Guys just don't come out to do that, that's a habit and they do a nice job. They do get into the 3-3 (fronts) stuff, enough that you have to be prepared for it.

Are we going to see more blitz packages?

Some have been really good, some not so good. You have to try and do what the offense gives you. You go back and look at the Tennessee game, a lot of those where they continued to move the chains (were when we blitzed). You have to know the right time to blitz, and that is where we are getting a real feel for our football team, when is the best time to do it.

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