Virtual Playbook: Play of the Game vs. Kentucky

Chad Jackson gave us another electrifying catch when he was the intended receiver of a play action bomb. The play was set up the entire first half as the Gators ran roughshod over the Wildcats from Kentucky. Read on and view our animated playbook as the action unfolds before you in real time!

The fake run made the deep safety hesitate and not get to his deep post in time. In turn, the underneath route by the slot receiver slowed the safety enough for Chad to get 1 on 1 coverage and make a play. The offensive line made a nice arc for Chris Leak to throw from.

The Will linebacker to the left rushed with the linemen creating a four man rush. The Sam linebacker was responsible for the fullback. One middle linebacker dropped as a robber into the middle of the field and the strong safety came over to cover the slot receiver. The other middle linebacker was responsible for the tailback.

All of the receivers had man to man coverage and the help came in the middle of the field about 10 yards deep and then deeper in the middle of the field with the free safety. Jackson just had to blow by his guy and make the "skinny cut towards the middle of the field where the free safety had no time to catch him. It was a great call and great execution.

View the animated playbook to watch the play unfold before you...

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