RECRUITING: Mincey talks about his visit to UF

Justin Mincey is the fifth overall ranked defensive end prospect in the country by TheInsiders recruiting network. This past weekend the 6-6, 240 pound pass rush specialist tripped to the Swamp to see the mighty Gators do battle with the Wildcats of Kentucky. He was one of many big time prospects in the stands, but certainly was not overshadowed by anyone in attendance. How did his visit go? Read on to find out.

There wasn't any time for pre-game pleasantries for the Justin Mincey clan as they arrived near kick off. "When we got there it was almost time for the game. So, we just went on in and took a seat. We were there with a guy... I think he's a big time prospect for Florida. My teammate Justin Williams sat with us too." (For those who are unaware, Williams is projected to be one of the nations top WR/DB prospects for the 2006 Class) What did Justin think of the game? Did he have fun? "Oh, yeah. It was my first time there. It was pretty intense." Justin also told us that there were other people there but he didn't know who they all were. Will he return this season for games? "I'll be back for Florida-LSU."

What happened after the game? "After the game I hung around in the locker room and got to talk to some of the players like [Andre] Caldwell and Chris Leak and I talked to my cousin, Jeremy Mincey." He regaled us with the story of how he and Jeremy found out they were cousins and sounded truly happy to have a new member of his family. Whether that makes a difference in his recruitment remains to be seen.

Who still leads for Justin's services? We asked if the same 3 schools of UGA, UF, UM were his top choices. Justin added, "Tennessee and Alabama and LSU."

What is Justin looking for when he makes his college decision? "I'm just looking for the best school." Is the football tradition and program going to drive him there or is he also interested in the scholastic services his collegiate choice will provide? He replied, "Pretty much the coaching staff... The tradition of the school and style of play. A little bit of both". Is there any school separating themselves at the moment? "I'm pretty much wide open." Is there a leader? "There's no leader right now."

Mincey is a huge force on the defensive line and will make some big-time program very happy when he signs on the dotted line in February. He provides a body that can rush the passer on the edge, yet is big enough to move inside in definite passing situations and provide a pass rush from the interior of the defensive line. The Gators like to use their ends in this manner and Mincey is the prototype of what the Gators like at the defensive end position.

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